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“Worship God”

Brent covered something in his lesson last night that stuck with me. He noted that God did not leave anything to the imaginations of the Israelis. God told them precisely how they MUST come before him, HOW THEY MUST approach him in worship. God told them what and how to do things, and every detail that pertained to acceptable worship before him.

Brent’s lesson was straight out of Leviticus chapter one and the laws for the burnt offering. It was every single Israelis’ duty to perform this sacrifice of atonement beginning to end. The priest did not do the dirty work of killing and striping the animal – the supplicant did it. I suppose it served to keep everyone humble. The details given were exact, right down to which direction to face. We know that things did not go well if you missed something. Think Nadab and Abihu.

I wonder, why is it then that we today should think that it is acceptable to serve and worship the very same God on  our own terms or as we may choose; without doing exactly what he has told us to do in his Word?

You can listen to or download Brent’s 3/27/11 evening lesson when posted, at

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