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Without God

Many people, in fact the majority, believe that they have God in their lives. They believe that they are leading the charge, yet they may or may not know how to even demonstrate that. To many it is better felt than understood.

“Feelings, oh, oh, oh, feelings.”

Most of these same folks are responsible for society labeling Christianity as a religion of myths and its adherents as lunatic miscreants.

The government (and if not the government, then some other council of wise guys) would put a label on Christians if they could. Some think that you should be very careful around them as if they might indulge in the same antics that some other groups and world religions engage.

And some lost souls thinking they serve God when they serve themselves do awful things to one another. None of that has the sanction of heaven.

Islam would certainly not rate a warning label, and neither would Scientology, Wicken, and any number of other cults, or dangerous, nonsensical and inappropriate pursuits.

But Christianity’s warning label might read like this: “Of no identifiable value, adherents may become dangerous, delusional, and anti-social — a religion based on fantasies and myth — only good for the simple minded.”

Yet without him Jesus said you will surely die.

In fact, with or without him you will surely die. The difference is that with a covenant relation with God and Christ when you cross that bridge you won’t fear for the rest of the journey.

How can I state that knowingly?

Did you know that the earliest monotheistic religion is the religion of the Lord God Almighty who is described in the Bible? There is no religion of any kind that predates it.

Did you know that there is no way to isolate the religion of the Hebrews and Israel from the religion of Christ? The only way that can be done is by rejecting the information; you cannot separate one from the other legitimately through any other method. A great quandary for some is that according to the text, the religion of Abraham, Moses, and Israel is in fact the religion of Jesus.

Did you know that it is not possible for Jesus to have been just a nice fellow with a pleasant, non-violent philosophy?

He claimed to be God and the Son of God (both) and that means that you only get two choices as to how to view him and his teaching.

Jesus said, “There is one that judges — the word which I have spoken will judge you in that day.”

That implies there will be no quarter given to those who take things lightly, that do not do what God has said to do. No matter how insignificant we might think some of the teaching, Jesus said that it must be followed. The result of not following his word is that “…your sin will find you out.”

He also said, “Not everyone who says to me ‘Lord, Lord’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but it is the one who does the will of my Father which is in heaven.”

So, some will be left behind, but it seems they won’t be enjoying the situation or the accommodations.

What is it that you will do? Will you be lost?

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