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When Life Makes You Want To Quit

You are not alone. I really appreciate Psalm 73 during these times. Psalm 73 records a person who knew that God is good to those who are pure in heart, but even with this knowledge was on the teetering point of breaking down and quitting. Verses 13-14 record some words that pass through our minds during times of frustration:

“Did I keep my heart pure for nothing? Did I keep myself innocent for no reason? I get nothing but trouble all day long; every morning brings me pain” (NLT).

The Psalms are a useful reminder that we are not alone in our struggles especially enduring injustice. We are not alone, nor are we wrong for wanting what is right and fair to take place. Psalm 73 ends with the trust in God that eventually he will sort these things out and justice will come.

My prayer today comes from Psalm 72:

May God defend the cause of the poor of the people, give deliverance to the children of the needy, and crush the oppressor! (Psalm 72:4; ESV)

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