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Weimar Republic part II

  Democratic co-chairs of the judiciary committee, Representative Michael Lawlor and Senator Andrew McDonald proposed a bill CT (1098) that if made into law would put the organization of the Catholic church under the control of the Connecticut state legislature.  Proponents of the bill claim that this would only affect the Catholics and no other “Christian” denomination would be impacted.   After all, just because they would do such a thing to the Catholic church doesn’t mean they would do such a thing to anyone else.  If passed, the state legislature would be able to decide how the Catholic church organizes, where they can meet and how much of Church donations would be paid to the Government.  Instead of the Church running it’s own finances and making decisions on things such as property independently, The State of Connecticut would set up “Lay Councils” which would have authority over such matters.  The Catholic clergy would in turn get an “advisory” role on these councils.  The bill is currently on hold because the public found out about the bill and reactions were less than enthusiastic.  Fellow Christians, and friends of all denominations, the time is nearing when religious persecutions will make our doctrinal differences become insignificant.  There is a growing militant “anti-Christian” (socialist) movement in the U.S.A. and western Europe.  (Yes, I said the “S” word!!!)

  Unfortunately, this group has rich and powerful friends in local, state and federal government here in the U.S.A.  If successful, they will destroy the moral fabric of America which begins with the family and God.  That is the true foundation of America, not our “financial institutions,” as they say on the news everyday.  These “anti-Christian” groups have been emboldened by the results of the last election.  The only victories Christians can claim out of 2008 elections are the “Gay Marriage” bans.  This has angered the “anti-Christian” fascists who are seeking to overturn propositions 2(FL) & 8(CA) by any means possible.  During the resulting public firestorm, Lawlor and McDonald admitted the bill was unconstitutional and blamed it on the State.  Enjoy your freedom of religion while you’ve got it because unless we as a nation put the hammer down and stand up against nonsense like this, we will wake up one day and it will all be gone.  We are marching down the historical path of the Weimar Republic.  I encourage everyone to study the Weimar Republic and take a long hard look at our current situation.  The similarities are frightening for the future of our country.  The Weimar Republic also had a growing “anti-Christian” movement and one morning, people woke up and they had taken over the government under the banner of “national socialism” during a time of economic hardship by promising change. (sound familiar?)  It makes me very glad that I have God in my life. but fearful of the times ahead.  Are you mentally prepared for the possibility of religious persecution… torture… or worse?

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