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We are Back

We’re back!

And it is all because of Joe. He did a good job in finding what was no longer there, and in repairing and patching things together again. And if any assembly or any persons are contemplating starting a site, please consider his company in your plans. He is a top shelf programmer and net technician. His link is found at the bottom of every page.

The article below is a reproduction of my post just prior to the maintenance outage. I posted it again to aid in providing a thread to some of the new stuff that will come.

Thanks to all of our readers for their patience and loyalty. Brent is off on a well earned vacation, but will probably have something to post after he returns. Your comments are always sought and considered.

We are happy to be back and feel blessed to continue to post blogs, notes and essays. We hope you will continue to find value in some of these things.

Thanks again for your patience readers. And thanks again Joe for your considerable efforts.

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