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Tyndale, Yes; Broadman & Holman, No

The responsiveness and care of those who work at Tyndale Publishing is simply remarkable. When I first posted about trying out the NLT again, Keith Williams from Tyndale emailed me, offering to answer any translation questions I have about the text. When I received a NLT Study Bible (for free from the NLT Blog) with a torn page, Laura Bartlett from Tyndale emailed me that she would try to get me a replacement Bible. It sure is refreshing to have people working for Tyndale that pay attention to the little things and are willing to offer their time.

By contrast, Broadman & Holman Publishers also had a contest for pastors/preachers. It was a 30 day challenge where you were to read and teach from the HCSB for 30 days. Then, after using the HCSB for 30 days, you were to go back to the website and fill out a survey. If these steps were done, you would receive leather HCSB. I signed up for the challenge and they sent me a paperback HCSB for the 30 day trial. I used the HCSB for 30 days. I went back to the site to fill out the survey and the website will not let you access the survey. I emailed the company and they said they would look into it. More than three months later and nothing has changed. No follow up. No Bible. No survey. Nothing. I would at least like to fill out a survey, even without receiving a Bible, just to tell them what I think about the HCSB translation. But that is not possible. The two companies are day and night in terms of responsiveness and care to the consumers.

Tyndale, a breath of fresh air. Broadman & Holman does not seem to care.

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