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TNIV 2005 – Not As Bad

I have been reading through the TNIV and have not found any glaring problems thus far. In fact, I am finding that there are a number of improvements over the NIV. There are many places where the TNIV contains a more literal rendering than the NIV. I posted previously here that a lot of the controversy surrounding the TNIV was brought upon themselves. I feel this point is true all the more now that I am reading the 2005 edition of the TNIV. It does not have the problems that the 2001 release of the NT had. Some of the issues with the NIV remain with the TNIV.

I think Zondervan ought to advertise the TNIV as being more accurate than the NIV. I don’t think they can really do this because it would cast a shadow on their flagship translation, the NIV. But, really, if they want the TNIV to excel, it needs to be marketed as being more accurate and more literal than its predecessor, not more modern. I will consult the TNIV in my studies so I can see how it compares. I will be sure to post anything that stands out from other translations.

Does anyone have a document showing the changes between the TNIV and NIV? I would really like to examine all of the changes and note how many improvements there truly are.

By the way, I like reading the 2007 NLT more than the TNIV. I am still surprised at how much I like the new NLT.

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