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Thoughts on being Thankful

Which Bible version is IT? You know: the one that has it exactly right on every verse; and is the one that is so easily understood you don’t need to scratch your head over things? Why it’s so good you don’t have to think about it! Well, which one is IT? Our late friend Homer Smith used to say (with tongue planted securely in cheek) that “The King James was good enough for Moses, and it’s good enough for me.” He didn’t invent the phrase; you’ve likely heard it before.

I use several versions. And I am grateful that I can cross reference things online to make it easier for comparison sake. Things were not always so simple. And, know what? Part of the puzzle is that many hands have been laid upon the scriptures, and some were attached to brains and some were not. Some were certainly inventive (to be polite on this holiday). But, then some turned out things that were and are most helpful. Yet all in all there is no single version that I could designate as IT.

But, on this Thanksgiving Day, while I am grateful to God for my blessings and my family, I am also grateful that there are scholars that will sometimes spend years working on versions of the scriptures for our use, whether they get it exactly right or not (I still hope and pray for the former over the latter). Some of these folks have even taken time to weigh in with thoughts on this site. I am thankful for the people who took the time to translate and collate and cross reference things for me. I am thankful there is a will for such things and an environment that allows its flowering and production both here and elsewhere. We have all been richly blessed by these efforts.

Lastly I am thankful for the fact that I can have a version of two that I may use to read God’s will for me (so many in history could not make that statement, and even today, many cannot). So I am thankful to be able to hold salvation in my own hands, and to be able to freely study and ponder the myriad riches of the Word of God. I am thankful for a country that still allows me to read and openly worship and to teach and pray. May it be so everywhere, and continue.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Take the time to count those many blessings you enjoy: “name them one by one.”

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