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Think about it

Brent and I are both convinced that people no longer read. I’m sure Mark Zaveson and Joe Botha won’t argue the point. Joel, who is a serious reader, also agrees. That shouldn’t come as a big surprise; I think most people know that we are rapidly becoming a new illiterati. Not that we are truly illiterate, we have just become mentally lazy. We want it served up with dressing, but we don’t want to do the cooking or the cleanup.

We rely on an increasing host to do it for us; whatever it is. We look more and more upon the internet for news and information, and to heresay in place of facts. We want bits and bytes, spin and spat, and an instant formula for pretty much everything.

Some of you stop by to read Brent’s musing and examine his thoughts and teaching; that’s good (we hope). Others come to occasionally read parts of some of the extended lessons or comments on the news we have posted. You may or may not agree with the postings, but you are not in danger of being overtaken by some unfounded opinions, and to be perfectly redundant – we are not in danger of learning too much. We believe we are quoting it and teaching it just exactly like it is written. And there is decent demeanor in our inquiry — we are not out selling anything.

But, for the most part we are no longer serious students; and in schools we are teaching the new generations to take any short cut, to only be taught and to study for the test, to not dig just for learning’s sake, and that we can take the pass around the problem — a sort of Cliff Notes outline view (with no offense intended to Cliff Notes).

Daily life reflects this. We have grown increasingly tired of actual debate, preferring instead a sort of puffy nagging oratorical blather. We don’t read the serious paper or essay but rather ingest what a network news reader and their editor has propped up as its substitute. Then that is repeated every hour on the hour until we get it. The news cycle is filled with opinion atop opinion, whether or not composed with any disposition to or investigation of accuracy or fact.

We have been globally warmed (not by science, but by models), openly hanged by consensus seeking scientists and non-scientists; we have been historically buffeted by non-historians, and politicized by pure politicians who display no evidence of experience in any other facet of life. We are now being “economized” by people thoroughly devoid of any financial wisdom, excepting that they trusted their funds to someone who put them in the wrong places, just like you and me. We are unexceptional, centralized, and Pasteurized on both input and output.

Spin and sponsor has more to do with what we hear than the truth. A very well known surgeon once told me that the spiraling incidence of breast and ovarian cancer in women should by rights be statistically analyzed and tested against the increasing usage of oral contraception since the 1960’s. Then he excepted that certain powerful lobbies and women’s “rights” organization are not about to stand idly by while that takes place. They want young girls to do as they desire with their bodies, and to be the mistresses of their reproductive rights. As Admiral Perry intoned, “Damn the torpedoes; full speed ahead.”

And for going against God given laws and the natural boundaries and the chemistry that dictate how we continue to live and breathe, we also continue to pay the price. Asks the Muse: What good are rights if you’re dead?

We trust the televangelist for a knowledge of God, when there is no evidence that they know very much, and there is clear evidence that most have never read the book of God through, not so much as a single time.

Where, pray tell is science and inquisition? Have they gone on holiday too?

And speaking of holidays… Oh, never mind!

Enjoy the day God has given.

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