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“There is one hope of your calling”

Rebellion is based upon a lack of respect for the Word of God. Disobedience is the predecessor or the seed to rebellion, and displays a lack of trust in the given Word – that God can accomplish what he has said. Some might argue that disobedience comes first.

It really doesn’t matter which comes first, the outcome is the same. You lose either way. Both are the products of taking liberties with God’s Will or doing something else in place of doing what God has given us to do.

Will there ever be a time when disciples disavow rebellion and disobedience and seek to unite under a banner of peace and unity? Will they ever again come together as one body, in one Spirit serving one Lord, through one faith and in one baptism? Will we ever worship in common under the structure of the New Testament as the single family of God?

Or is it possible that God has many families and Christ a multitude of brides?

We will see the Lord one day but it won’t be on our terms. And both rebellion and disobedience have their stated reward. Without recognizing that, many who call upon the name of Christ will find themselves pinned up with the rest of the goats. We know God has given everyone the exact same set of scriptures. No matter which version you might enjoy or pick up, doctrinal things have remained unchanged. What God, Christ, and the Apostles gave us to do is no different now than it was when it was first delivered long ago. Do you believe that? It is certainly written today and can be translated out just like it was when handed down. And ungodly revisions, new doctrines and interpretations have come from the likes of those who call upon another god – those in rebellion. It is part of our duty to be able to distinguish that.

God has said that we cannot miss the mark if we will diligently seek him. He also said that he gave clear and complete instructions, warning us that nothing can be added to it and nothing taken away from it (Eccl. 3:14, Matt. 7:21). We had better know that we will surely die if we allow ourselves to be led away by different spirits or different gospels. The Word of God is chock full or warnings and examples about that: “Even as you are called in one hope of our calling.” (Eph. 4:4.). Everything is about one: one Lord, one faith, one immersion, one God. The scriptures tell us the gospel was given once for all time. We are told that when we follow diversions, we end up serving other gods. And in reality we serve Satan, whether we know it, like it much and believe it or not. The end product is what matters; but without the correct process we will not get the desired product.

There is only one plan of salvation found in God’s Word and one set of instructions for worship. Try though you may, you will find no more. That one hope can be located easily within the NT. And although every one of the modern and not-so-modern assemblies claims to teach the truth and to worship God and honor his Word, in reality most are wide of the mark. Rebellion and disobedience have bred every departure and every corrupt offspring.

Does your assembly teach the gospel just exactly as did Peter, James and John? For that matter, do they teach it the same as the other guys right down the street? Or does your assembly have special teachings they hold to and call upon? Do they heed all of the commands? Are they “sound?” Do they, as Paul said, teach sound things or do they teach another gospel? Is there such a thing as a perversion of the gospel? Is the Holy Spirit still delivering or has it been sealed and settled? Is it that the gospel you believe in is the true version, and it’s everybody else that has another one? Isn’t that what we all want to believe?

Do we serve God or are we rebellious and disobedient? Can we call ourselves after whomever or whatever we please, and do whatever we chose, whether or not we can find it in the scriptures? Can we produce our own sacred doctrines if an angel reveals it directly to us and tells us to write it all down on sheets of gold?

Does what is revealed in the scriptures matter? Do names and words really matter? We have asked those questions repeatedly. If you have read any of the blogs here you know we believe words DO mean something – they DO matter. And God’s Word matters more than anything else. Remember: there is one hope of your calling.


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