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The Rock

  Kingdoms may be founded, may flourish and may fall, but the church of Christ can never fall, can never fail. Atheism may assail, infidelity may sneer, skepticism may smile, and anxious hearts may fear for the safety of Zion, but Zion stands secure, backed by the promise of the I AM that it shall never be destroyed, the literal, living, abiding fulfillment of the promise of the Lord Jesus Christ: “Upon this rock I will build my church and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it.” The sun may be blotted out, the moon may cease to reflect light, the stars may fall from the withering vault of night, and the heavens be rolled up like a scroll, the wreck of matter and the crash of worlds may come and the judgment day be set; but, when the angel of the Lord shall descend on pinions dipped in the lovelight enveloping the throne of God, and, planting one foot upon the land, and one upon the sea, shall declare by Him who plants his steps upon the sea, and rides up on the storm, that time was, time is, but time shall be no more – even then the church of Christ shall stand, secure as the throne of God itself: for our Savior promised long ago, “the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it.” and The Lord God Almighty has declared, “it shall never be destroyed”; and the Holy Spirit by the pen of Isaiah, the prophet, says: “The word of our God shall stand forever.”

(T.B. Larimore: Sermon 4.)

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