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The Power of the Cross

I am gaining an appreciation for the scholarly works of Gordon D. Fee. I first found him when studying Galatians last year. He had excellent remarks about “the works of the Law” and shows a better grasp of Paul’s message than most Reformed writers today. I am currently teaching 1 Corinthians for our Bible study class and have Fee’s commentary (NICNT) on that letter. Once again, Fee is putting the theme of the letter together in such an illuminating and coherent way. Too many commentators are merely single verse exegesis with no scope of the purpose or message of Paul’s line of thinking.

Here is Fee, explaining the scope of 1 Corinthians 1:18-2:5. I hope it opens you eyes as much as mine:

“Thus he [Paul] says in effect, ‘So you think the gospel is a form of sophia? How foolish can you get. Look at its message; it is based on the story of a crucified Messiah. Who in the name of wisdom would have dreamed that up? Only God is so wise as to be so foolish’ (1:18-25). ‘Furthermore, look at its recipients. Yourselves! Who in the name of wisdom would have chosen you to be the new people of God?’ (1:26-31); ‘Finally, remember my own preaching. Who in the name of wisdom would have come in such weakness? Yet look at its results’ (2:1-5).” (NICNT; 67)

I am going to have to find more of Fee’s writings. He does a great job explaining the overall content of the message.

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