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The Five Witnesses (5) – Moses the Accuser

Do not think that I shall accuse you to the Father; there is one who accuses you—Moses, in whom you trust. For if you believed Moses, you would believe me; for he wrote about me. But if you do not believe his writings, how will you believe my words?”

(John 5: 45-47)

The Lord had just mentioned that the scriptures were his witness (39-40). But this is a little different. Here he stated that Moses acted as the accuser of those Jews who attempted all along to catch him in his own words and who discounted the signs and wonders he had wrought right in front of them. Every one of them was religious. Yet this crowd sought his death. They wanted to destroy Christ because he threatened the established order and everything they knew (or so they thought). It had nothing at all to do with God or serving God. Conceit and envy never take a holiday.

The witness of Moses was in the accusation that they would not believe in the Christ even though Moses had written of him. They would accept anyone who came in their own name, another name or even by the name of Moses. But they would not accept Christ – no matter what. And so Moses their great leader, lawgiver and the one on whose word they said they stood, became their indicter. His witness acted full force against them.

You know some have trouble believing that Moses wrote what is attributed to him. Some are quick to point out that the books of Moses are written in the third person – even though histories dictated through scribes were common in most cultures. And forget Thucydides and any number of others who in remote antiquity also wrote in the third person. It is not to be allowed of Moses. Others suggest as Deuteronomy recorded his death therefore all the books attributed to him were fabricated by others. A major theory of the last century stated Moses never existed but was a myth created by some of the Jews five hundred years later on.

The end product of such things is that it serves to make Jesus into a liar. And if Jesus was a liar, how could anything else in the scriptures be trusted? Of lesser importance, all of the Jews and Hebrews who then believed in Moses, in that time five hundred years after the fact, were just plain dopes to buy into what was to them a modern fabrication.But then some people will buy into fabrications every time.

So take your pick. Any way you take it though the well is still poisoned. It seems that some folks couldn’t find Jesus in the Books of Moses if they had all of time in the world to look for him there. Some can’t find him there now.

It’s one of those mysteries of the scriptures – isn’t it? It is on the same short list with how it is that no one in all of recorded history throughout the whole time of the Hebrews, through that of the Jews, and into the beginnings of Christianity, ever figured out that the promise of Abraham was to “all nations” even though it is stated repeatedly throughout the OT.

I would suggest that many of them weren’t very interested in what investigating those things might mean. And  I’m certain there were holy men in Israel up to the time of Christ who had the Books of Moses formed fully in their memory. And there it is – found in full, as are all of the other prophecies concerning Christ, in the record of “all the prophets from Samuel onward.” Yet the Jews never got it. No one ever figured it out — no, not one. It is not until the time of Peter and in the reaction to the vision he had seen of God before anyone ever started on the path to understanding the smallest bit of it. And God had to do a little nudging to get Peter to see it, and it didn’t come easy.

So, why should it surprise anyone that the leaders of the Jews in the first millennium of the Christian age could not see that Moses had written about and recorded prophecies concerning Christ in both Genesis and Deuteronomy?

Still all of the logic and missed opportunities amount to nothing. It had not been put in front of the eyes and in between the ears before – the people and their leaders read right past it. It never meant a thing and never got through. And so it was that God had chosen not to reveal the meaning of those things until after the Christ had finished his walk among men. Then it was explained and appealed to (in both cases mentioned).

So Moses stood as their accuser because he had already posted the news just as God had given it to him. And they all missed the proverbial boat and thereby rejected both Moses and God, whether they knew it or not. We would have done nothing different. We’re no smarter than they. Using the same process (or lack thereof) they refused all of the witnesses previously mentioned in John five alongside of Moses. And so their Lawgiver became their accuser. It was all done out in the open and they did not see any of it.

You know that God has told us that all we need to do is to look around and we can find evidence of his works everywhere. Jesus essentially told the leaders of the Jews in that day exactly the same thing. It was all presented out in the open.

Maybe we can’t see it. Maybe we don’t want to.

So there is no excuse. It’s all been explained and we don’t have to search very hard for the answers. God has said that the mystery of salvation has been revealed and there remains nothing left that requires more than some study and serious application. Maybe we should get busy dusting away the cobwebs, or else we may find ourselves with a seat on a real scare ride that never ends.

What, friend, have you missed or ignored? The map to eternal salvation and for locating and finding God’s will have been unfolded before your very eyes. The revelation of the mystery stands in full view. The scriptures are confirmed in minutest detail. God has said there will be no further appeal, no additional witnesses. And the true accuser – the Adversary of all mankind is ever ready to see all of us overthrown and tossed into the pit if we just miss the mark by turning away from what was written or from the evidence that permeates our lives every single day.

Who is your accuser? Do you believe in Christ and are you willing to do the will of God? Or are you accepting whatever and whoever comes around in their name while ignoring (and thereby rejecting) God’s simple instructions as found within his Word?

How do you suppose rejecting Jesus worked out for those Jews who hounded and crucified him?

How do you suppose it will work out for you or me if we ignore “so great a salvation?”


The Lord your God will raise up for you a prophet like me from among your own brothers. You must listen to him. This is what you requested from the Lord your God at Horeb on the day of the assembly when you said, “Let us not continue to hear the voice of the Lord our God or see this great fire any longer, so that we will not die!”

Then the Lord said to me, “They have spoken well. I will raise up for them a prophet like you from among their brothers. I will put my words in his mouth, and he will tell them everything that I command him. I will hold accountable whoever does not listen to my words that he speaks in my name.”

(Deuteronomy 18:15-19)

The one who rejects me and doesn’t accept my sayings has this as his judge: the word I have spoken will judge him on the last day.

(John 12:48)

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