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The Expanded Bible

Thomas Nelson has recently released a new translation called The Expanded Bible. Currently only the New Testament is available and is based on the NCV but with modifications. Thomas Nelson is the publisher of the New King James Version and the New Century Version, along with many Christian reference works and books. Below is the Bible description given on the website:

The Expanded Bible: New Testament reflects the latest scholarship, current English, and the needs of contemporary students of the Bible. This new testament includes a multitude of study aids and expanded translations right in line with the text making it possible for you to study the Bible while you read!

  • Expanded translations bring out the meaning of words and offer alternatives.
  • Literal meanings of terms from the original languages are included where they can provide more understanding.
  • Traditional wordings assist recollection of familiar terms and expressions.
  • Comments explain passages that can be understood better with a brief remark.
  • Useful references supply rewarding opportunities for comparing other Scriptures.
  • Variants display additional wording in some of the original language texts.

I have requested a copy for review and look forward to its arrival. You can download a pdf of The Expanded Bible New Testament here. A short video about the translation is also there. It looks like this translation has features similiar to the Amplified Bible and the NET Bible, but in modern language. The idea seems to be to put all the study helps and information directly in the text.

Look for my review of this new translation to come soon. Until then, here is an excerpt from the pdf of 2 Peter 3:1-7. Below is the code you need to understand the text:

Words in brackets [ ] without any notation are other possible ways of translating a word, phrase, clause, or sentence. [or] is a different translation possibility that takes the meaning of the original language in a different direction than the base text does. L is a more literal rendering of the original language, allowing the reader to see why translations make varying choices. T provides familiar terms and well-known renderings from past translations, especially those in the King James tradition. C is a comment that briefly provides historical, cultural, theological, or other explanatory information to help readers better understand a verse or passage. A scripture in brackets is a cross-reference. The bullet tells you what word or phrase the following bracketed information is referring to.

1 My friends [L Beloved], this is [L now]the second letter I have written you [C the first is probably 1 Peter] to·help your honest minds remember [L awaken/arouse your sincere understanding/intentions with a reminder]. 2 I want you to think about [remember; recall] the words the holy prophets spoke in the past, and remember the command our Lord and Savior gave us through your apostles [Jude 17]. 3 It is most important for you to understand what will happen in the last days. People [L Scoffers] will laugh at [scoff at; ridicule] you. They will live doing the evil things they want to do [indulge their own desires/lusts; Jude 18]. 4 [L And] They will say, “Jesus promised to come again. Where is he· [L Where is his promised coming]? [L For] ·Our fathers [ancestors] have died [L fallen asleep], but ·the world [L all things] continues the way it has been since ·it was made [it began with creation].” 5 But they ·do not want to remember [willfully forget/ignore] what happened long ago. By the word of God heaven ·was made [came to be; Gen. 1:3—20; Ps. 33:6; 148:5; Heb. 11:3], and the earth was made from water [Gen. 1:2; Ps. 24:2] and with water [Gen. 1:6—7, 9; Ps. 33:7; 136:6; Prov. 8:27—29]. 6 ·Then [L Through these; C either the water and the word of God, or the heavens and earth which poured forth their water; Gen. 7:11] the world was flooded and destroyed ·with water [L being deluged with water; Gen. 6—9]. 7 And that same word of God is ·keeping [reserving; holding in store] heaven and earth that we now have in order to be destroyed by fire [Deut. 32:22; Is. 66:15—16; Zeph. 1:18; Mal. 4:1]. They are being kept for the judgment day and the destruction of ·all who are against God [L the ungodly/impious people].

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