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The Color Red Hurts Children’s Psyche?

In another installment of “what is this world coming to?” we have another news item.

12/9/2008 SYDNEY (Reuters) – Teachers using red pen to mark students’ work could be harming their psyche as the color is too aggressive, according to education strategies drafted by an Australian state government.

The “Good Mental Health Rocks” kit, which was distributed this month to about 30 schools in Queensland state, offers strategies such as “don’t mark in red pen (which can be seen as aggressive) – use a different color.”


This news from Australia comes on the heels of news from our own country:

GRPS to give ‘H,’ not ‘F,’ to failing students

12/3/2008 GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) — Grand Rapids Public Schools will give failing students an “H” for “Held” in an effort to give children more time to improve their grades.

The district is informing teachers and parents of the plan this week.

A letter from the district informs parents the “H” grade is a delay of the “E” the district uses for failing grades. Parents are given the option of accepting the failing grade, or allowing their child until the end of the school year to make up the work.

Students would be able to: reschedule the failed class in the next trimester, do makeup work online or in an on-campus after-school program, or schedule a tutoring class after classes or on Saturdays.

The Grand Rapids Education Association, the union representing the district’s teachers, says it is concerned about the new “H” grading.

In a statement released today, GREA representative Buz Graeber says, “We are most concerned that this will dumb down the grades of students.”


Friends, a child’s psyche needs to be hurt by getting a red letter “F.” This terrible feeling will hopefully encourage the child to improve themselves because they do not want to see that big red “F” and do not want to show that big red “F” to his or her parents. Seriously, don’t we want our kids to feel somewhat bad for doing so poorly? I don’t want my daughters feeling good about bring “F’s” home. Guess what? The psyche of children won’t be hurt if they get better grades. How about we tell parents to work more with their children to do better in school rather than telling teachers to go easy on our kids, dumbing down our education system even further!

Our country is raising spoiled brats who get their way no matter what they do or say.

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