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The Blog Rules

I have seen that other bloggers have to do this and now, unfortunately, I must do the same for the Christian Monthly Standard. When we first started this blog, we did not allow comments. It was suggested that we do so, and I accepted with reservations, fearing that people would be unable to be respectful, never mind the gobs of spam. But now I feel it is necessary for some rules to be posted on this site, which will follow the same line of thinking as many other sites.

1. This is our blog, not yours. If you want to blog, you can get your own site for free. The comments box is not your forum to write articles, preach sermons, or link to other articles.

2. We will not respond to all comments. We read all of the comments. But for the sake of time, not all comments will garner responses. Both Richard and myself work full time jobs. This blog is just a labor of love. When we have a chance, we will respond. Please comment and know that we are reading your comments. But do not expect a response.

3. Do not copy and paste other people’s material. That is just a waste of everyone’s time. This blog is not your Wikipedia. Write your thoughts. Don’t copy other people’s thoughts.

4. We always reserve the right to not approve your comments. That is our discretion based upon if we feel it is useful. If you do not like it, you can start your own blog.

5. Be a Christian. Be respectful. Write in a way that you would want someone to write to you.


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