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Talking Politics

Politics is not usually a topic that is usually appropriate for this blog.  This seems to me to be one of those rare times when it is. The “race” issue was front and center during the last presidential election. Since the election, I have heard everything from “President Obama is the Antichrist and wants to destroy the world” to President Obama is the second coming. I have also heard racist comments maliciously pointed at President Obama. Anyone who harbors such feelings should read Acts 8:26-40. That is the story of how Phillip was directed by an angel of God to preach the Gospel to an Ethiopian (Cushite) Eunuch. The cultural and physical differences between Phillip were huge. Yet, the message of salvation was the same for both of them. While I can’t say that I have experienced racial discrimination first hand, I can say that I realize such attitudes are an abomination and have no place in worship or society.

Whether I agree or disagree with Obama’s policies remains to be seen. While I didn’t vote for Obama, I can understand why people did. Obama promised to heal the wounds of the last 8 years of political bickering. I for one hope he succeeds. This country is a mess.

The point I was getting at when I started this post was not political. It was hopefully far less divisive. Despite the fact that I voted for the other guy, I am excited about our new President.  Not because of idealogies, not because of “right” and “left.”  The reason I am excited about our president is when I look over at our beautiful young children no matter what race, color or gender and I know that when their parents tell them they can grow up to be anything they want, including President, it is absolutely true no matter their race or gender. My prayers are with this president and with this nation. May God bless us all.


West Palm Beach

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