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Some Things Said…(October 06) (02)

Texas considers death for child molesters

Austin, Texas (UPI) — Texas politicians have pushed for the state to join Louisiana, Montana, Oklahoma and South Carolina in instituting the death penalty for child molesters.

Texas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst has proposed a plan that would impose a minimum prison sentence of 25 years for a first conviction and allow the death penalty to be used for repeat offenders, The Los Angeles Times reported Tuesday.

The plan, if instituted, “will protect the children of Texas, and let people know to get out of our state if this is your sickness,” Dewhurst campaign spokesman Enrique Marquez said in the Times’ article. “If that’s something you want to do, not in our state you won’t.”

Similar proposals have been raised by politicians in Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Minnesota, the Times said. However, critics of such plans say it could discourage people from reporting crimes committed by family members.

“If you’ve got a father or brother or uncle molesting a young person, a lot of people aren’t going to turn them in if it means they’ll be sent to jail or put to death,” Michael Mears, director of the Georgia Public Defender Standards Council, told the newspaper. –by UPI Staff, United Press International, 10.11.06, submitted by Mark Zaveson

Statement on the Foley Scandal from Wendy Wright, President, Concerned Women for America

Washington, Christian Newswire — The allegations that Rep. Mark Foley, a man entrusted with a position of authority and respect, engaged in sexually charged conversations and sought liaisons with underage males embodies one of the worst kinds of abuse.

Despite our culture’s sexual excess, including explicit messages and images from TV sitcoms to graphic curricula in schools, Americans remain rightfully appalled by this incident. The fact that Americans find former Rep. Foley’s alleged conduct reprehensible shows we have not bought into the false ideology that “all sex should be celebrated” or that age of consent laws should be reduced as some special interest groups demand. Not all “diversity” should be accepted and not all conduct or beliefs should be “tolerated.” In the real world, there is such a thing as right and wrong. And Americans know that it is wrong for adults to take sexual advantage of minors. Americans know that some lifestyles, such as aberrant sexual behavior, are just too damaging and dangerous to individuals, and that society and children especially should be protected from them. –from the CWA website, as submitted by Muriel McConnon, 10.03.06

Flush thoughts

There is already evidence from Guantanamo that the prisoners there are abusing the guards far worse than any guards have abused these prisoners. Yet our media have no interest in that and have been willing to believe every allegation by these professional terrorists, including the physical absurdity of trying to flush the Koran–or any other book–down a toilet. –Thomas Sowell, listed at the Patriot Post 06-40

Maryland School Officials Threaten Seventh Grader With Disciplinary Action For Reading Bible During Lunch Time

Greenbelt, Md. – Attorneys for The Rutherford Institute have filed a civil rights lawsuit in defense of the First and Fourteenth Amendment rights of a seventh grader who was allegedly ordered by a Maryland middle school employee to stop reading her Bible during free time at school or face disciplinary action. Institute attorneys have asked the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland to declare that prohibiting students from reading Bibles or other religious texts during their free time is unconstitutional… –excerpted from an article at the Rutherford Institute website at as submitted by Muriel McConnon.

Philadelphia Schools Declare Gay History Month

Some offended parents have discussed pulling their children from classes until November.

The School District of Philadelphia has declared October “Gay and Lesbian History Month,” and the designation has prompted some parents to consider keeping their children home from school until November. The special recognition was granted at the request of a group of gay students and parents, whom school officials apparently meet with on a regular basis.

Alberta Wilson, founder of Faith First Educational Assistance Corp., said even elementary-level phonics cards have been rendered politically correct. “They’re teaching three syllable words –the word ‘fam-i-ly,’ ” she said. “And on those phonics cards they have a mom and a dad, an elderly grandparent and grandfather raising children, and then they have two men and two women. “They are teaching our young children that this is acceptable and that they should tolerate it. It is an outrage; it’s against God, and God is not pleased”… –excerpted from staff reports at Focus on the Family’s website, 10.03.06

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