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Some Things Said… (June 05) (2)

An unnoticed incident of Koran destruction?

On the very day the braying mob in Pakistan demonstrated over the false Koran report in Newsweek, a suicide bomber blew up an Islamic shrine in Islamabad , destroying not just innocent men, women and children, but undoubtedly many Korans as well. Not a word of condemnation. No demonstrations. –Charles Krauthammer, from his column “Gitmo Grovel: Enough Already,” in The Washington Post, 06.03.05

Gods Word changed (yet again)

This long-awaited revised text of the Gospels [showing Christ as a woman named Judith Christ] makes the moral message of Christ more accessible to many, and more illuminating to all. It is empowering. We published this new Bible to acknowledge the rise of women in society. –Billie Shakespeare, VP of LBI Institute

And in response…

Amazing. Not only are God and his Son female, but so is Shakespeare, and shes alive and well and working in middle management. Whats next for LBI, a book showing that the pope is really a mommy? –James Taranto, as quoted at

Pope blasts gay “marriage as perilous to family unit

Pope Benedict XVI, in his first clear pronouncement on homosexual “marriages” since his election, yesterday condemned same-sex unions as fake and “expressions of anarchic freedom” that threatened the future of the family.

The pope, who was elected in April, also condemned divorce, artificial birth control, trial marriages and free-style unions, saying all of those practices were dangerous for the family. –excerpted from a Reuters News Agency article by Philip Pullella, appearing in The Washington Times 06.7.05

Continuing steadfastly

The church is the individuals who have accepted the rule of Christ… Unless we are continuing steadfastly in the apostles teaching we are not the New Testament church. — Michael J. Schmidt , 06.18.05

Bible teaching in government schools suggested

No one proposes teaching the Bible as a sacred text or to promote religious faith in public schools. With three kinds of Jews, a dozen varieties of Methodists and countless flavors of Baptists, just for starters, we could never agree on what, exactly, should be taught as doctrine even if thats what we set out to do. But in a less-than-perfect world there can be no harm, and a lot of good, in well-informed surveys of the Bible as literature, showing how the Bible has shaped history, philosophy, the law, art and other subjects, inspiring our earliest settlers, Founding Fathers and presidents unto the modern day. –Suzanne Fields, as quoted at Brief 05-24, 06.13.05

Preaching on how the USA really “caused 9/11

The plans for the creation of the World Trade Center Memorial, an integral part of the controversial redevelopment of downtown New York City , have been handed to an organization called the International Freedom Center . This group will be in charge of designing the World Trade Center Memorial Cultural Complex, a place intended to teach people the history of freedom with a multimedia display that will go far beyond the stated objective of honoring the victims and heroes of September 11th. Instead, this agenda-driven exhibit, slated to open in 2010, will look not only at the shining moments of our times, but take visitors on a guided tour of some of humanitys darkest hours — including slavery, persecution of the American Indians, and the genocide of World War II.

Whats more, this revisionism will surely come if the cast of characters behind the International Freedom Center have their way. Among this lefty crew are Tom Bernstein and Michael Posner, influential members of Human Rights First, a group that filed a lawsuit against Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld on behalf of detainees in Iraq and Afghanistan . Theyve also initiated an anti-torture campaign directed solely at the United States . In addition, the ACLU wants to get into the act with an exhibit that will detail the erosion of liberty in America thanks to the Patriot Act. (Anybody out there know of any law-abiding citizens whove had their liberty eroded by the Patriot Act?) Not surprisingly, everyones favorite America-hating megalomaniac, George Soros, is a major source of funding for this project. (And we thought Dianne Feinstein could find NO abuses of the Patriot Act to date.) – Digest 05-23, 06.10.05


People who do not believe in God or religion can surely lead ethical lives. But they cannot lead holy lives. By definition, the ideal of the holy, as understood by Judaism and Christianity and that unique amalgam known as Judeo-Christian values, needs God and religion.–Dennis Prager, from his article “We are not just animals…” at 06.14.05

The Doofus Dad

One evening, after watching Homer Simpson wreck the family car at a monster-truck rally and plunge on a skateboard into Springfield Gorge, my 6-year-old son asked me, “Why are dads on TV so dumb?”

Having grown up with the omniscient fathers on “Leave It to Beaver” and “My Three Sons,” I wanted to give a bemused yet authoritative answer, chuckling wisely as I explained the ways of the world. But this question left me feeling more like Homer Simpson.

Where did we fathers go wrong? We spend twice as much time with our kids as we did two decades ago, but on television we’re oblivious (“Jimmy Neutron”), troubled (“The Sopranos”), deranged (“Malcolm in the Middle”) and generally incompetent (“Everybody Loves Raymond”). Even if Dad has a good job, like the star of “Home Improvement,” at home he’s forever making messes that must be straightened out by Mom…

Ward Cleaver has been replaced by a stock character known in the trade as Doofus Dad. Explaining this change isn’t easy, but if Ward were still around, he could puff his pipe and offer several theories.

The most obvious is that the television audience has splintered along gender lines, and sitcoms are now a female domain. Four out of five viewers of network sitcoms are women, and they apparently like to see Mom smarter than Dad.

Another explanation is the rising number of mothers with paying jobs. Now that they have their own paychecks, the old bread-earning patriarch is less essential and therefore more mockable (sic). And TV writers no longer have an easy stereotype of Mom to work with. Jokes about daffy middle-class housewives like Lucy Ricardo and Edith Bunker seem dated now that so many women work outside the home… –from an article by John Tierney, published in the New York Times, 06.18.05.

The easy way

We have this idea that Christianity is supposed to be easy, because America demands the easy way. — Berry Kercheville, 06.19.05

School Clinic Dispenses Birth Control Without Parental Consent

Students at a Northern California school district now have low to no-cost access to contraceptives, including the controversial Plan B, at a high school clinic. The Santa Rosa City Board of Education cleared the way in late May for the Elsie Allen High School clinic to prescribe and distribute the contraceptives to students from the entire school district.

This, coupled with California’s Minor Consent Laws, allows students as young as 14 to receive birth control patches, oral and intravenous birth control, the “morning after pill” and condoms, all without the notification of their parents, according to the California Teen Health website.–Jered Ede, Correspondent, 06.10.05

Article contributed by Richard Vandagriff and Mark Zaveson

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