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Some Things Said… (Oct. 2010)

The Crystal Cathedral is in trouble. From today’s WSJ:

“Citing declining donations and $48 million in debt, Crystal Cathedral Ministries filed for bankruptcy protection this week, leaving a trail of hundreds of unpaid creditors from California to Washington, D.C.

“According to filings in U.S. bankruptcy court in Santa Ana, the Southern California church has 550 creditors with claims ranging from $2 million owed to a Cincinnati-based bank that financed sound and stage equipment for the church’s TV productions to $200 owed to a Columbia, S.C., company that supplied ribbons and awards to the church’s school.”

It is more about the show than about any truth. Although I am sorry that some businesses get hurt in such dealings, the fact remains that souls are being sent away empty of God’s Word and they will not fare well in eternity. Mr. Schuler, and others such as the Osteen’s all serve the same God. Although folks may feel good about the entertainment – it has nothing at all to do with saving anyone’s soul.

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