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Some Things Said… (November 06)

Episcopalians to consecrate female bishop

Episcopal Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori, a former oceanographer who still pilots her own plane, will be consecrated the world’s first female presiding bishop Saturday morning at the Washington National Cathedral. Since her election June 18 at the Episcopal General Convention in Ohio, an unprecedented seven Episcopal dioceses have declared that they will not accept her leadership because she allowed same-sex blessings during her 2001-06 tenure as bishop of Nevada.

Her 2003 vote in favor of V. Gene Robinson, the denomination’s first openly homosexual bishop, and her statement that “our mother Jesus gives birth to a new creation” in a sermon three days after her election, elicited protest as well. But that expression “was thoroughly orthodox,” she said in an interview Tuesday. “I was surprised at the reaction. I was simply using an image that seemed most appropriate to the text.”

About 3,200 people will attend the installation ceremony of a woman whom Glamour magazine named one of its 12 “women of the year” for her place as “world’s most prominent female religious leader.”

“The bulk of this church is healthy and vibrant,” the bishop said Tuesday. “A small portion is concerned about issues of sexuality at this instant…” –excerpted from an article by Julia Duin in The Washington Times, 11.02.06

Why gays hate marriage

Despite of all that their angry-mob front groups argue for in front of television cameras to the contrary, radical homosexual activists despise the institution and more importantly the sanctity of marriage. That is also the fundamental reason why they are seeking to destroy the institution.

This week – dateline Trenton New Jersey… where a unified panel of seven judges agreed that illegitimate sexual unions should be made equitable under law to that of monogamous married persons. Without the consent of the governed these tyrants in black robes sat in judgment of healthy families across the universe and demanded that New Jersey residents accept immoral construction of sexual unions as the equal basis for families and family life in their recreated sexual, liberal, utopia.

With utter contempt for God, and for the voters of their state the New Jersey seven unanimously said that all who live in the confines of its borders must fundamentally agree to the moral premise, that what the Bible terms perversion, the voters should call healthy. –excerpted from an article by Kevin McCullough, as found at 10.29.06, read the entire article here

Perhaps they have it just backwards?

“[I]t is not religion but atheism that requires a Darwinian explanation. It seems perplexing why nature would breed a group of people who see no purpose to life or the universe, indeed whose only moral drive seems to be sneering at their fellow human beings who do have a sense of purpose.” –Dinesh D’Souza, as found at The Patriot Post

Learning from Islam’s advance

In this battle of arms, ideals and ideas, Islam is sustained by faith in its own divinely inspired righteousness and truth. However, non-Muslims are not up against a ‘religion’ narrowly understood but a this-worldly political cause; even the wearing of the veil in the Muslim diaspora is a political gesture. Indeed, Islam’s ambition – enjoined throughout the Koran – is to establish its political and ethical dominion over the globe…

Islam, unlike the communist system, cannot ‘collapse’. On the contrary, credit should be paid to it, even if unwillingly, for the speed of its progress during the decades of its revival and advance. The intransigence, tenacity, courage and cunning of Muslims have, thus far, run rings around their leaden-footed and small-brained opponents in this many-sided combat. US, NATO and Israeli forces, despite their superior firepower, have been unable to vanquish their Muslim opponents; the Russians in Chechnya likewise.

Where the challenge posed by the Muslim presence is principally demographic and cultural, the reconciliation of opposed value systems has also proved difficult or impossible to achieve. This is in large part due to the fact that in the last few years, and on all the home fronts of the non-Muslim world, a great network of mosques, madrassas and preachers – most of them, despite sectarian differences, singing from the same hymn-sheet (so to speak) – has been installed in the service of Islam’s political advance…

Despite differences in the Muslim world over how the revived jihad against the ‘infidel’ should be pursued, Islam’s strengths have grown in the last few decades. Our illusions about the minoritarian nature of the jihadist ethic can therefore no longer be afforded. Or, as Sheikh Saleh bin Humaid – not the embodiment of Enlightenment reason – expressed it during a sermon in Mecca’s Grand Mosque last week to mark the feast of Eid, Islam has ‘spread beyond all borders and obstacles’. He was right; and no Catholic prelate or Anglican bishop can now say the same of the progress of his own faith. –excerpted from an article by David Selbourne that appeared in The Spectator quoted here from the New English Review, The Iconoclast, 11.03.06 – read the full comments and excerpts here

“Have you not read?”

After all the discussion, the whole Bible is still before us. It was given to each man, to whom it comes for his decision. He is responsible for that decision. He cannot put it off on the decision of any other man. When great schools, proud and pretentious of their learning were found in Palestine, Egypt, Asia Minor, and Europe, the Savior constantly asked those whom he addressed, whether peasant, fisherman, priest, or scribe, “Have ye not read?” “Did you never read?” “Why even of yourselves judge ye not what is right?” And as this same Savior is the final and universal judge of men, these questions take on the awful solemnity of the last dread decision. Each one of us must decide for ourselves what is and shall be our relation to the Bible when we stand before the Lamb in the midst of the throne to render our final account. –J. W. McGarvey, April 10, 1897

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