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Some Things Said… (Mar 06)

Lord, Have Mercy – The U.S. delegation to the World Council of Churches apologizes for America.

American church officials pleaded for forgiveness for the sins of the United States last week–from the Iraq War, to Bush’s rejection of the Kyoto Accord, to the racism exposed by Hurricane Katrina, to economic exploitation, and for the more general American sin of idolatry…

“Our leaders turned a deaf ear to the voices of church leaders throughout our nation and the world, entering into imperial projects that seek to dominate and control for the sake of our own national interests,” lamented the apologetic Americans. “Nations have been demonized and God has been enlisted in national agendas that are nothing short of idolatrous.”

The Geneva-based WCC, which includes 340 churches totaling 550 million members, has been governed by leftists for decades. About 25 percent of the world’s Christians belong to Protestant or Orthodox communions in the WCC. Thanks largely to leadership by leftist Europeans, the WCC long ago abandoned traditional Christian notions of ecumenism and evangelism in favor of radical liberation theologies that demonized the West, capitalism, and even Christianity. (Perhaps most famously, the WCC grudgingly refused to criticize the Soviet bloc during the final decades of the Cold War, while supporting and sometimes actually funding Soviet backed insurgencies.) –from an article by Mark D. Tooley as found on The Daily Standard website, 03.01.06

Syriana feeds our enemies hatred

Washington — Nothing tells you more about Hollywood than what it chooses to honor. Nominated for best foreign film is “Paradise Now,” a sympathetic portrayal of two suicide bombers. Nominated for best picture is “Munich,” a sympathetic portrayal of yesterday’s fashion in barbarism: homicide terrorism.

But until you see “Syriana,” nominated for best screenplay (and George Clooney, for best supporting actor) you have no idea how self-flagellation and self-loathing pass for complexity and moral seriousness in Hollywood…

It gets worse. The most pernicious element in the movie is the character who is at the moral heart of the film: the physically beautiful, modest, caring, generous Pakistani who becomes a beautiful, modest, caring, generous … suicide bomber. In his final act, the Pure One, dressed in the purest white robes, takes his explosives-laden little motorboat head first into his target. It is a replay of the real-life boat that plunged into the USS Cole in 2000, killing 17 American sailors, except that in “Syriana’s” version, the target is another symbol of American imperialism in the Persian Gulf — a newly opened liquefied natural gas terminal.

The explosion, which would have the force of a nuclear bomb, constitutes the moral high point of the movie, the moment of climactic cleansing, as the Pure One clad in white merges with the great white mass of the huge terminal wall, at which point the screen goes pure white. And reverently silent.

In my naivete, I used to think that Hollywood had achieved its nadir with Oliver Stone’s “JFK,” a film that taught a generation of Americans that President Kennedy was assassinated by the CIA and the FBI in collaboration with Lyndon Johnson. But at least it was for domestic consumption, an internal affair of only marginal interest to other countries. “Syriana,” however, is meant for export, carrying the most vicious and pernicious mendacities about America to a receptive world.

Most liberalism is angst- and guilt-ridden, seeing moral equivalence everywhere. “Syriana” is of a different species entirely — a pathological variety that burns with the certainty of its malign anti-Americanism. Osama bin Laden could not have scripted this film with more conviction. –excerpted from an article by syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer found at or in The Washington Post read the complete article here or here 03.03.06

CWA Mourns the Loss of Dr. Henry Morris

Washington –Concerned Women for America (CWA) mourns the loss of a good friend, an influential Christian leader, and the founder of the modern creationist movement, Dr. Henry Morris. Dr. Morris passed away in California on Saturday, February 25, 2006, at the age of 87, having led a full and accomplished life.

“Dr. Morris was a blessing to all who were privileged enough to know him,” said Beverly LaHaye, CWAs Founder and Chairman. “He has left a lasting legacy of faithfulness, intellect, diligence and servanthood. He used the many gifts God gave him to contribute greatly to the kingdom of God.”

One of Dr. Morris most notable accomplishments was his lifelong, sturdy defense of a literal six-day creation. His publication of The Genesis Flood in 1961 laid the foundation for his work and helped earn him the title “Father of the Modern Creation Movement.” Dr. Morris passionately fought the false dichotomy between science and Biblical orthodoxy. He founded the Institute for Creation Research (find them here) and wrote more than 60 books and countless articles.

“I well remember when my husband, Tim, first invited Dr. Morris to San Diego to help found Christian Heritage College – yet another great legacy this hard-working and dedicated man has left to the generations to come,” Mrs. LaHaye said. “Who knew then what great things God had in store for him and how much he would do for Gods kingdom? Dr. Morris life shows each one of us how much God will use us if only we will let Him.

“We at Concerned Women for America want to offer our deepest condolences to the family and many friends of Dr. Henry Morris,” Mrs. LaHaye said. “We will miss him but are comforted to know he is rejoicing in the presence of his Creator and ours.” –as found at the Concerned Women for America website, find the article here 02.28.06

At War With Ourselves

Last week the golden dome of the Askariya shrine in Samarra was blown apart. Sectarian riots followed, and reprisals and deaths ensued. Thugs and criminals came out of the woodwork to foment further violence. But instead of the apocalypse of an ensuing civil war, a curfew was enforced. Iraqi security forces stepped in with some success. Shaken Sunni and Shiite leaders appeared on television to urge restraint, and there appeared at least the semblance of reconciliation that may soon presage a viable coalition government.

But here at home you would have thought that our own capitol dome had exploded. Indeed, Americans more than the Iraqis needed such advice for calm to quiet our own frenzy. Almost before the golden shards of the mosque hit the pavement, pundits wrote off the war as lost — as we heard the tired metaphors of “final straw” and “camel’s back” mindlessly repeated.

The long-anticipated civil strife among Shiites and Sunnis, we were assured, was not merely imminent, but already well upon us. Then the great civil war sort of fizzled out; our own frenzy subsided; and now exhausted we await next week’s new prescription of doom — apparently the hyped-up story of Arabs at our ports. That the Iraqi security forces are becoming bigger and better, that we have witnessed three successful elections, and that hundreds of brave American soldiers have died to get us to the brink of seeing an Iraqi government emerge was forgotten in a 24-hour news cycle. — Victor Davis Hanson from an article on his website which also appeared on the WSJ Opinion Journal website – read the entire article here 03.02.06

Radicals blow up Bible Society building in Gaza

Armed militants threatened to blow up the building that houses the Palestine Bible Society office in Gaza on February 28th unless leaders shut its doors. The promise was fulfilled yesterday.

E3 Partners Tom Doyle describes what happening. “The Muslim terrorists broke the windows in and then threw in home-made bombs in the building. They sprayed out Bible Society of Gaza and wrote, leave our land. Get out of here. God is greater. Following in the footsteps of the prophet Mohammed.”

Doyle says the attitude of Christians in the region is incredible. “They feel bad about the building. They’re thankful nobody was hurt. We told them that Mission Network News had put this out and thousands of people were praying around. Over and over they were saying, ‘thank the good people for praying for us because we just sensed God’s presence in the midst of this and we weren’t afraid.”

Hamas, now in power in Gaza, did not claim responsibility, but ironically blamed the attack on a more radical Muslim group. Doyle doesn’t expect the situation to get any better. “You’ve got Hamas, you have al Qaeda in, you have Hezbollah — the Iranian group, and we just saw that the Iranians are giving $250 million dollars to Hamas. This is a terrorist group leading the government…” –from an article posted on the Free Republic website by Sopater read the full article here

Article contributed by Richard Vandagriff and Mark Zaveson

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