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Some Things Said… (December 07) (Number 2)

Hailed as the birthplace of the Boy Scouts, the Beaux Arts building is the seat of the seventh-largest chapter of the organization and the first of the more than 300 council service centers built by the Scouts around the country over the past century.

But over the years the fight between the city and the Scouts was about more than this grandiose structure in Center City.

Municipal officials said the clash stemmed from a duty to defend civil rights and an obligation to abide by a local law that bars taxpayer support for any group that discriminates. Boy Scout officials said it was about preserving their culture, protecting the right of private organizations to remain exclusive and defending traditions like requiring members to swear an oath of duty to God and prohibiting membership by anyone who is openly homosexual.
This week the Boy Scouts made their last stand and lost.

“At the end of the day, you can not be in a city-owned facility being subsidized by the taxpayers and not have language in your lease that talks about nondiscrimination,” said City Councilman Darrell L. Clarke, who represents the district where the building is located. “Negotiations are over.”

Mr. Clarke said talks ended this week when the deadline passed for the local chapter to change its policy; on June 1 the group will be evicted… –excerpted from an article by Ian Urbina, from the New York Times 12.4.07 as submitted by Mark Zaveson

St. Lucie County School Superintendent Michael Lannon Still Doesn’t Want Parents to Know the Contents of Proposed Sex Ed Curriculum

According to an October 3, 2007 Ft. Pierce Tribune article, “On December 3 a draft of the district’s revised health curriculum, which includes ‘Get Real About AIDS,’ will be posted on the school district’s web site,” Sadly, however, St. Lucie County School Superintendent Michael Lannon Continues to hide the contents of the Graphic, Explicit, Risky Condom Ed Curriculum from Parents by not releasing its text on the school board website as promised. Pastor Bryan Longworth calls on Lannon to stop making it difficult for parents to see the curriculum.

The district’s website states as follows: “Due to copyright protection requirements, specific lessons used in curriculum from ‘Get Real About AIDS’/Discovery Health Connections will not be posted on line, but will be available for review at the School Board offices from 9:00 to 4:00 Monday, December 3 to Friday, December 7.” –excerpted from an article at Christian Newswire 12.3.07 as submitted by Muriel McConnon

Democrats shelve hate crimes bill

A conservative lobbyist says congressional Democrats knew all along that their hate crimes legislation would not be included in a major defense policy bill.

House and Senate negotiators have dropped a provision from the 2008 Defense Authorization bill that would have included crimes against homosexuals in federal hate crimes statutes. The conferees decided to drop the hate crimes legislation sponsored by Senator Ted Kennedy (D-Massachusetts) after deciding it would threaten passage of the entire defense bill in the House… –excerpted from an article by Jim Brown at 12.7.07

Gone carbon neutral and crazy too…

“Toni Vernelli was one of two women recently featured in a London Daily Mail story about environmentalists who take their carbon footprint very, very seriously. So seriously, in fact, that Vernelli aborted a pregnancy and, by age 27, had herself sterilized. Baby-making, she says, is ‘selfish’ and ‘all about maintaining your genetic line at the expense of the planet.’ Because Toni and her husband, Ed, are childless and vegan, they say they can justify one long-haul airplane trip per year and still remain carbon neutral. Sarah Irving is another like-minded nature-nurturer. She and fiancé Mark Hudson decided on him having a vasectomy to prevent the possibility of an inconvenient life interfering with their carbon-perfect ones. Those of us who have managed to see a pregnancy through to birth recognize the irony of these tales. If we’re not saving the planet for our kids, for whom are we saving it?… Suddenly, the unborn is of no greater importance than the contents of our recycling bin. Like Weight Watchers dieters substituting carbs for sugars, we trade off future members of the human race to neutralize insults to Earth’s balance in the present. Here’s how the mental calculation goes: Let’s see, if I abort my child, maybe I can travel first-class to the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Bali. Is this the slippery slope that pro-lifers prophesied? Once such utilitarian concerns edge out our humanity–and once human life is deemed to have no greater value than any other life form–how long before we begin tidying up other inconveniences?” –Kathleen Parker –from the “Culture” posting on the Patriot Post Brief, 07-49, as submitted by Mark Zaveson 12.06.07

Getting paid for what we do

“For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is everlasting life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” –Paul, to the Roman church (6.23)

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