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Some Things Said… (Apr 07) (2)

Supreme Court Ruling on Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act

Bob Abernathy, anchor: The U.S. Supreme Court handed down a landmark abortion ruling this week. In a 5-to-4 decision, the Court upheld a federal law that outlaws the so-called partial-birth abortion procedure. Abortion opponents praised the ruling; pro-choice advocates were outraged. Tim O’Brien, a distinguished visiting professor at Nova Southeastern University Law School in Florida is here with us.

Tim, welcome. Exactly what did the Court say?

Tim O’Brien (Visiting Professor, Nova Southeastern University Law School): The Court did acknowledge that women have a constitutional right to choose abortion, but also that the government has a legitimate interest in protecting potential human life. And in this case the government’s interest outweighed the woman’s right to choose. –excerpted from the PBS Religion and Ethics Newsweekly Perspectives Transcript 03.20.07

[Editor’s note: Partial birth abortion is a better sounding phrase than is anything else associated with the actual description of this process, which is the taking of a human life during childbirth. The child under this procedure can be killed while exiting the birth canal; and the proponents of such things want their hands clean of any association with the truth. It is infanticide plain and simple, and so it is a good thing that the Supremes have stopped the spread of this merciless and horrible procedure.

Abortion is used as nothing more than the most drastic birth control measure and the forces that allow this evil foist it up as saving the lives of the mothers when all that most are being saved from is worrying about or caring for children they do not want. They simply want to play without paying. But “the wages of sin is death,” and certainly death is the result of this false protection of “women’s reproductive rights.”

Instead of feminists setting their sight on true abuses, such as those under the veil of Islam, they would prefer to paint all men as predators and all fathers as rapists, all women as victims, and all life as unwanted or unnecessary.

“Vengeance is mine,” sayeth the Lord. “I will recompense.” RAV]

‘Amen for Safe Sex!’ Declares Planned Parenthood

Washington — “The people at Planned Parenthood are clueless,” said Douglas R. Scott, Jr., president of Life Decisions International (LDI). “They have no idea how offensive it is to Christians when they use God or the things of God to promote their insidious agenda.”

“Amen for Safe Sex!” declares a press release by Planned Parenthood Golden Gate (PPGG). “Safe Sex Angels are the Stars of New ‘Safe is Sexy’ Ad.” The group released the television spot, called “Angel,” as part of its “Safe is Sexy” campaign. The 30-second ad features an angel that “saves” a young couple from engaging in “unprotected sex.” PPGG claims it was “divine intervention” that sent the angel to the couple. –excerpted from an article from 4.19.07 as submitted by Muriel McConnon

Homosexual ‘marriage’ bill advances in Connecticut

Pro-family activists in Connecticut are hoping to derail an effort to legalize same-sex “marriage” in the state. One group, the Family Institute of Connecticut, says efforts in its state to push such legislation through without voters having a say in the matter reflects attempts by homosexual activists around the country to “do an end-run around the democratic process and the American people.” —excerpted from an article by Jim Brown at 4.18.07

Ex-NJ Gov. McGreevey Now Teaches Ethics

Former Gov. James E. McGreevey is teaching ethics, law and leadership at Kean University. The Star-Ledger of Newark reported the nation’s first openly gay governor earns $17,500 and has been an executive in residence since Nov. 1.

When he was in office, McGreevey was often criticized for the appearance of ethical lapses.

“It seems to me, Jim McGreevey teaching law and ethics is a little bit like Doctor Kevorkian teaching health maintenance,” state Republican chairman Tom Wilson told the newspaper. –excerpted from a CBS/AP article 4.19.07 as submitted by Mark Zaveson

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