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Some Things Said… (Apr 05)

Jackson tops poll of fools

Michael Jackson has been crowned the US s most foolish person for the third consecutive year, snatching the dishonor from the likes of President George W. Bush and society heiress Paris Hilton.
Eighty per cent of 1030 people who took part in an annual April Fools Day survey felt that Jackson, on trial for molesting a 13-year-old boy, deserved the top spot on this year’s list, which also featured his bra-popping sister Janet Jackson and convicted domestic diva Martha Stewart. –from The Weekend Australian, AFP, 04.02.05

Prosperity and obscurity

“If we abide by the principles taught in the Bible, our country will go on prospering and to prosper; but if we and our posterity neglect its instruction and authority, no man can tell how sudden a catastrophe may overwhelm us and bury all our glory in profound obscurity.” –Daniel Webster

Teaching Darwin

“Eighty years ago this summer, the Scopes trial upheld the effort of the state of Tennessee to exclude the teaching of Darwinian evolution from Tennessee classrooms. The state claimed Darwinism contradicted orthodox religion. But times change, and recently a federal judge ruled that a three-sentence sticker stating that “evolution is a theory not a fact must be removed from Georgia high school biology texts because it contradicts orthodox science and represents an unconstitutional endorsement of religion. Both legal mandates–no Darwin yesterday, nothing but Darwin today–look less like science than exercises in thought control.

“Everyone agrees that the Scopes trial (viciously caricatured in the play and movie Inherit the Wind) was a setback for the teaching of scientific reasoning. But the same is true of the Georgia ruling, Darwinism being quite obviously a biological theory and open to dispute. To claim otherwise is to be woefully misinformed .

“After noting Mayr’s fearless use of the words “tentative, “philosophy, and “theory, one surely is justified in responding: No wonder Darwinism, in contrast to other scientific theories, seems an argument without end! Its history–indeed, history captured by that creative-writing-class concept narrative. If historical narrative–and the “philosophy it propounds–are what justify the Darwinian opinions, the textbook writers of Georgia can legitimately claim that Darwin’s “tentative reconstruction is not only a theory but a special kind of theory, one lacking the telling and persuasive power that theories built on hypothesis-generated experiment and public prediction can garner.” –Paul McHugh, from his article in The Weekly Standard, 03.28.05 issue.


“Given that the two centuries of socialists experiments, whether by utopians, Marxists, or Fabians, always ended in economic failure and a loss of personal liberty, why are people around the globe still proudly proclaiming themselves socialists?” –Richard Rahn

Who can replace this man?

“Fittingly, the first words that came out of my mouth when I saw this news were “Jesus Christ.” The Vatican has been denying an Italian news agency’s report that Pope John Paul II had fallen into a coma, but labeled his condition “very serious.” I knew this news was coming, but it’s heartbreaking all the same. Karol Wojtyla has been pontiff for most of my life, the only pope I’ve ever really known. Who can ever replace this amazing man?” –Bridgett Johnson from her website

Ms Johnsons remarks are typical of those now mourning the death of Karol Wojtyla. I have heard the phrase “holy father” used of this mortal man a hundred times in the last two days. To his credit, he helped to end the socialist state in Poland and diminish Soviet influence thus accelerating the end of the Soviet empire. However, he was believed to be god on earth and the direct voice of God and of Christ, and this flies against the very words of the book he claimed to follow, and the very words of Christ which he also claimed to honor.

His form of Christianity is itself contrary in deed, in structure and in essence from the teaching of Christ and the word of God. Further, though his deeds here have freed many from tyranny, not one of these freed has ever been converted to Christ in the manner in which Christ himself had so given instruction. The organization he served throughout his life, claimed to be the true church, yet they teach things totally foreign to the scriptures. He was not a convert to Christ as defined in the scriptures and so was not a Christian at all, but rather a Roman Catholic – something never found mentioned in the Bible. Though he believed that he was the head of the church here, and was titled so, that position and honor was given to Christ alone in the scriptures.

Unfortunately then, the things he taught and followed cannot be found within God’s word. The Bible does not bear him witness as ever having even been in covenant relation with God. He is therefore weighed in the balance and found wanting. And now he is in the hands of God. That so notable a man has gone to God unrepentant is lamentable.

So even though he helped save men here from tyranny, he is in part responsible for casting unnumbered thousands into the grasp of the Adversary and into Hell for all eternity by encouraging the worship of a man, of idols, and of false gods, and discouraging the worship of the true and living God. –Richard Vandagriff

Holy Father?

“Do not call anyone on earth your Father; for one is your Father, He who is in heaven.” –Jesus (Matthew 23:9)

Concerning law and the late Mrs. Schiavo

“The federal judge who refused to reverse the Florida court was certainly true to the law. But the law, while scrupulous, has been merciless, and its conclusion very troubling morally. We ended up having to choose between a legal travesty on the one hand and human tragedy on the other.” –Charles Krauthammer, from his column in The Washington Post, 03.23.05.

Freedom of speech and pornography

On January 20, Judge Gary Lancaster dismissed a 10-count obscenity indictment against the alleged distributors of hard-core pornography, Extreme Associates. In his ruling, this lower court judge unilaterally expanded the opinion of the U.S. Supreme Court in the 2003 case that struck down Texas homosexual sodomy prohibitions, Lawrence v. Texas.

Judge Lancaster opined that the Lawrence ruling could “be reasonably interpreted as holding that public morality is not a legitimate state interest sufficient to justify infringing on adult, private, consensual sexual conduct even if that conduct is deemed offensive to the general publics sense of morality.” –Alan Sears, from 03.31.05

Soft T-Rex

“In case you don’t know this, there recently was a T-Rex uncovered in Montana. They couldn’t fit his leg bone into the helicopter so they broke it in half to mend later. What they found was rather surprising. They found blood and soft tissue. According to accepted theories on fossilization NOTHING can last beyond 100,000 years without being fossilized. Oops, I guess it can since according to evolution theory, this dinosaur is over 60 million years old. Of course, if the bible is true, then the earth is well within the 100,000 year mark and the soft tissue makes perfect sense.” –remarks by John Camp from an e-mail submitted by Muriel McConnon.

On the treatment of those who commit sex crimes

“If people who commit sex crimes against children are so dangerous that they have to be registered for life after serving their sentences, why are they let out of prison in the first place?” –Thomas Sowell, 03.29.05

Article contributed by Richard Vandagriff and Mark Zaveson

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