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Scientists Finally Admit Humans Did Not Come From Chimps

Last Sunday night the Discovery Channel presented two shows on a new fossil find for the missing link between humans and apes. The first was a two hour show called Discovering Ardi and the second show was one hour called Understanding Ardi. Ardi is short for ardipithecus ramidus, the name of the hominid fossil find. The find is used to prop up the belief that humans were not created but evolved. But there is an important and startling admission.

At the 56 minute mark of the Discovering Ardi program and the 1 minute mark of the Understanding Ardi program, the narrator states these words:

“Ever since Darwin, we have bought into the idea that humans evolved from ancient, chimp-like creatures. That’s because modern chimps seem to share a lot of anatomy and behavior with we humans. So the idea that we evolved from something like chimps seems to make sense. But now, the discovery of ardipithecus shows that this is totally and completely wrong.”

I hope you read that slowly and carefully. Now the show goes on to show how macro evolution is still certainly true. But there is one key point that must not be missed.

For about 150 years science has declared that humans evolved from chimps. Science was wrong about what was considered concrete, indisputable fact. One discovery in the sands of Africa has overturned 150 years of scientific knowledge. The show also admitted that “Lucy” is not the missing link between humans and apes, though school textbooks all over the country still claim this as fact.

We should never assume that science is always correct. We must never contort the Bible to fit current scientific knowledge.

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