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Satan Is Dead

In the beginning of the first book of the Bible the reader is introduced to “the serpent.” We later read of Satan in the book of Job. We are told he was living during the time of the Savior, Peter and Paul. The writers of the NT called him “the adversary” (the translation of the name Satan), and “the Devil.” He is therefore noticed in the commencement of the Bible, throughout the historical books of the Old Testament, as well as in the Gospels and all the way up to the close of the New Testament in the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

It seems that if you were to misstep he would be at your heel and ready to take you. Like a hell hound on the trail, with a scent in his nostrils and his eyes locked on the game, muscled and able to pounce and finish you off sending you spinning down into eternity’s darkness.

As I read and listen to comments from around the country and the world, I, like you, have come into contact with theories and persons that deny God’s existence. Doubters abound. God is dead they have said. Some apply myth status to God Almighty and the same to the Christ. Some do not believe anything found on any page in God’s Book. And then why not? For if God does not exist why would anyone think the rest is real? Why pay attention? Mortal or immortal, if you believe God is dead you are left with nothing but a mound of fabrications.

At the risk of stating the obvious: everything we know of heaven and hell, angels and demons, of God Almighty and Christ, of life and death, and of Satan himself is found within the covers of your Bible. It is the original source. There is no other volume that either precedes it or that compares to it. And without it we would know absolutely nothing at all about any of these things. So we must note, as has been stated here previously – if you reject one part, one story or one person listed within God’s Book, then you have rejected it all. It is not Aesop’s Fables. And if you admit to one, you ought to be consistent enough to admit to the presence and purpose of it all. Now if that is granted, then we should take the authority of the Scriptures at face value, as it is called within those same pages the Word of God. However that is not how it goes with most folks. We cherry pick what we wish to believe and what we reject.

If God is dead either in part or whole, using the same thought process and logic, then Christ never existed, and the Word of God is irrelevant. That means Satan is dead too as he also then never existed. Already relegated to myth status, with his demons mere literary fabrications. These conclusions follow one another as sure as day follows night. What makes the contrary statements and arguments so frail as to not be able to stand on their own legs, is that most historians and religious contrarians who study ancient history conclude that Jesus of Nazareth actually lived – that he was a historical figure. They simply deny his purpose and deity. They also admit that the historical information in the Bible has been found to be accurate.

Those who discount Jesus’ life, death, resurrection or deity similarly dispose of both the Old and New Testaments – all or part of the entire Word of God. They ignore the extra-biblical sources too. Moses did not exist or was a compilation. There was no exodus – and no Noah nor his ark. So the only reasonable conclusion left is that those folks neither believe in God nor in Christ. They will have none of it, regardless of what they may say to the contrary. Yet why is it that some people will say they believe in Christ, yet not in Lord God, or as the Jew then or now, in God the Father but not in God the Son? And how can you believe in either or both but not in Satan? And worse still – what of those sad folks who call on Satan’s name? They wish to hold to the darkness and completely deny the light. What kind of sense does that make? Which part is a myth? It would seem to me that either it is all a fabrication, or (the only other reasoned choice) it is true.

With the overflow of faulty “logic” exposed, you end up with an amalgam: a curious mixture of folks who deny the existence of God in one form or another – who take bits and pieces to form what they eventually believe, and what they intellectually disapprove of they quickly dispose. Many do not believe the ancient reports of the Lord God. The defeat of Egypt and the lessons in Canaan are all just too fantastic in their minds to be true. The destruction of Jericho is just poppycock. But if they could only find some petrified wood from Noah’s long gone boat, or find proof positive of the real tomb of Jesus (even though he was only in it for less than half a week); then it would all suddenly have some substance and they might, yes just might change their minds. Really?

As said, there are some who due to the abundance of extra-scriptural records, agree in principle that Jesus existed as a person – that he had been born, had lived and died. Yet in the same breath they will deny the only body of evidence they will ever get that God came to live among men. And they become just as the Pharisees, Sadducees, and the Sanhedrin were of so long ago. So they still deny Christ and God, and then in kind, God’s Book. As far as truth is concerned it all makes God and Christ (as well as Moses and the rest) in any form liars and all that is recorded for faith and salvation nonsense. They stand completely on the outside alongside all their intellectual predecessors.

In the only account, the oldest and most accurate history: the Bible — Jesus said that he is God, and that he was sent to seek and save the lost; and the same records state that after his resurrection he then returned to heaven. No one was able to display the corpse or identify where it had been hidden; and that’s all that would have been needed to prove it was a conspiracy by some lunatic disciples. And it is not due to the enemies of the cross not having the resources to go out corpse hunting. If you scourge the right population they will spill the beans about any plot. But none of that happened.

Jesus’ short ministry was full of signs and wonders, things which were never recorded of anyone else, anywhere, at any time – with the witness accounts supplied in mass. His detractors agreed that they could deny neither the miracles nor signs he worked — but they nonetheless continued to deny who he said he was. It is really his resurrection that they deny. Christ said of them, “If the blind lead the blind, both will fall into the ditch.” So what was true then, remains true now. All of these are disbelievers, whether ancient in form or in some modern incarnation.

So let’s go back to the dark side for another moment. I ask again: what about Satan? Using what Friedrich Nietzsche and other “great” minds have posted, if God is dead, nonexistent or insufficient in either presence or power then I have to ask: what about Old Satan? Did Satan ever exist; and is he real? Is he now dead? The preacher Jacob Creath once wrote: “Assertions to this effect have frequently reached us; but being from our previous convictions rather afraid to receive the statement as true, and yet feeling anxious to have correct information upon a subject of so much interest to the world; we have made diligent inquiry and sought carefully for the evidence, but have in no case found it.” So As Elijah posed of God, is Satan off on a long journey? Is he sleeping? And if Satan is dead, where is his grave? Was the obituary never published and posted? Did we miss it and has the serpent of old gone silently down to the belly of Hell? Or was he never alive in the first place as the deniers of God and Christ say? “You say you believe in God – you do well. The demons both believe and tremble.” It seems the disciple James posted that the demons of Hades are a good deal smarter than all of the folks found in any cluster of this type. Like the rest, the Satanists and the deniers of Christ see only one side of the ledger. The rest is blank to their uncharted minds.

We want a God of our own design and figure; and thanks but no thanks, for the most part we want nothing at all to do with Satan and his legions. So we dismiss each part one by one and by dismissing the parts we soon succeed in dismissing the whole. We roundly ignore the importance and the details of the rest. Does any of that nail it all down as myth?

My, oh my. How far we have wandered off towards the low end of eternity. And how we dismiss plain truth and are found to be void of both reason and logic. We stand ready to leap directly into the fires of a very real Hell where both the great Serpent and his devils so eagerly await us.

As with the Almighty God and his Anointed One – Satan lives. And as Peter noted he “goes about as a roaring lion seeking who he may devour.” We remain, for the most part, like the wandering wildebeest of the Mara Plain – on the lion’s menu.

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