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Remission (2)

Remission is granted when we through the application of faith, put on Christ. We put on Christ when we are buried with him in baptism – immersion in water, which is our appeal of conscience in obedience before God in Christ.

As has been stated here previously, and as is recorded in the scriptures, remission is granted, forgiveness is granted when we are obedient to the commands that have been given to everyone. I can safely conclude that the “unwashed” are not then obedient, nor is the sprinkled. For one is condemned outright and the other has no home in God’s Word. But there is more.

Robert Richardson posed this thought: “The corruption of the ordinance of immersion, by changing it into sprinkling, is an apt emblem of the corruption to which Christianity has undergone in being resolved into speculative opinions which address only a single part of our nature; and the sprinkling of the head in preference to any other part of a person, is a striking exponent of the nature of that imperfect view of Christianity, viz., that it was designed wholly or chiefly to regulate intellectual conceptions and to furnish rules for ‘thinking right.'” Christianity has then become a philosophical and intellectual enterprise that no longer has anything to do with salvation and remission. The great object of the gospel becomes to regulate mankind’s opinions and to serve purely a social function.

First make it a sprinkling and then secondly make it nothing at all.

The question is offered. Can we be have our sins remitted when we have not followed the prescription?


What are you waiting for? Get up. Be immersed and wash away your sins calling on the name of the Lord. (Acts 22:16)

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