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Really Reading Romans References

So here are the commentaries I have been reading in preparation for the Romans sermon series I am about to beginning.

New Interpreter’s Bible Commentary – N.T. Wright

Word Biblical Commentary – James B.G. Dunn

New International Commentary on the New Testament – John Murray

Cornerstone Biblical Commentary – Roger Mohrlang

New Testament Commentary – William Hendriksen

Baker Exegetical Commentary – Thomas R. Schreiner

Romans – James Montgomery Boice

I hope this will give me a balanced view of the New Perspective and the Reformed Perspective of Romans. Too many are being far too dogmatic about Romans. Some are rejecting everything from the Reformed Perspective. Some refuse to listen to anything from the New Perspective. The truth has nothing to fear from investigation. Such dogmatism and “closed-mindedness” comes from a fear that our beliefs are wrong and we will be found needing to change.

If I can find the Pillar New Testament Commentary for an affordable price, I will grab it too.

Now, I wonder how many preachers read this much stuff before starting a lesson series. I think I have a disease.

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