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Putting Christ in Christmas?

It has already begun for this holiday season. Bumper stickers are emerging with the words, “Keep Christ in Christmas.” Church signs are also now reminding the commuters that “Jesus is the reason for the season.” I find it astonishing that “Christian” churches continue to perpetuate this lie.

Where in the scriptures can we find the date of Jesus’ birth? Please show me in Matthew 2 or Luke 2 where the scriptures teach when Jesus was born? If you didn’t know, it is not there. Two gospels do not even mention the birth of Jesus. Yet churches have already begun their seasonal lying to the world that this is when Jesus was born.

There is only a 1 in 365 chance that December 25 is the day Jesus was born (365 days in a year). That is a 0.2% chance. There is only a 1 in 12 chance that Jesus was even born in December. That is a 8.3% chance.

Let’s be real. Christmas has its roots in paganism. The Christmas tree, ornaments, and wreath do not come from the examples of the apostles. Yet the same churches that preach the evils of Halloween proclaim the glory of Christmas. This is inconsistent. Pagan beliefs are where all of these things begin.

I have heard some say, “We know that it is not Christ’s birthday, but this is the day we want to celebrate it.” The problem is that you are lying to the world. The average, non-Bible reading person thinks that December 25 is Jesus’ birthday. One of the houses on our block has lights that read, “Happy Birthday, Jesus.” Can we really claim to be God’s people when we choose to knowing lie to the uninformed?

Churches should be the place where the truth about God is disseminated, not where error is perpetuated.

So enjoy the holiday season. Put up your tree, decorate your house, and open presents on Christmas day. We do at our house every year. But please do not think that you are doing this in honor of Jesus. Please do not think that it is Jesus’ birthday. Celebrate because it is great for the children and a great time for families to be united together.

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