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Push Poll

Recently, I answered the phone one evening (right around dinnertime when most normal families sit down to eat.) The caller was a political pollster who kindly asked if I’d give about 10 minutes of my time to answer a few questions about “politics.” Since I follow such things more closely than most folks, I couldn’t resist taking the poll. During the poll, I was asked about every politician from local to national, along with various Judges from state level to the supreme court. After that came various state constitutional amendments. As the poll went much longer than the 10 minutes promised my mind began to wander a bit (not unusual). I was contemplating the point of this poll when the last question of the poll came up. Such things are usually done by folks with agendas and those can usually be determined by the nature of the questions. The last question of the poll was the giveaway. It was asked: “would I ever support overturning Proposition 2 in Florida or Proposition 8 in California that takes away the rights of couples of alternative lifestyles to marry?” I answered, “Oh…you mean the gay marriage bans? I support them and will continue to do so.” “Oh”, the pollster sighed in a dismayed sort of way. Then I was asked, “so there’s no way you’d reconsider your position on this subject? “No” I answered, “not now, not ever.” Then I asked “By the way, why is it so important to give special rights to small groups of people because of wrong lifestyle choices?” The pollster responded “So do you want to be the one to tell a gay person that they can’t visit their partner in the hospital if they are sick because they are gay?” “No,” I said, “That is the hospital’s job, but I’ll be happy to tell them that they are making a wrong lifestyle choice, and they should reconsider how they are living…and I will never support gay marriage, not while I’m on God’s green earth.” “Thank you” they said and hung up.

If this was an honest poll, and had I softened even slightly in my responses, I would have been reported as someone who favors gay marriage. These people who are pushing this agenda are not honest and have no problem asking “loaded” questions to get the responses they want. How many Bible verses can I now insert here to say how clearly wrong homosexuality is? 1st Timothy 1:10 where homosexuality is labelled right up there with any other lawless act as being sin comes to mind. We can say okay to such people as my pollster and watch as our society degenerates into nothing. Or better yet, we can stir up God’s wrath on us as a nation who had received God’s blessings and turned away from him. By the way, such nations in the past have not faired so well. Daily we are barraged with the “Hollywood” depiction of America which tries to destroy any sort of traditional family in every way possible. The lack of intellectual honesty that these people adhere to just makes me wonder, is this really only about “gay rights” or “women’s liberation” or is it something else, something far more insidious? I believe this really an “anti-Christian” movement whose ultimate goal is to drive us out of our churches? California and Florida voted 70-80 percent against saying okay to gay marriage in an election where more traditional “conservatives” got trounced. Florida and California are not the most traditional regions of the country. Try pushing a “gay right’s agenda through in places like Alabama or Georgia and see how far it goes. Maybe that means that the “Hollywood” version of America is as mythical as the “unicorn” they will have a tougher fight on their hands than they thought.

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