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Prepare For Action

Therefore, preparing your minds for action, and being self-disciplined, set your hope completely on the grace that will be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ. (1 Peter 1:13; ESV/HCSB)

Prepare Your Minds For Action

Get your minds ready! Roll up your shirt sleeves! Think clearly! We need to pull ourselves together. We are getting distraught over worldly things. I am not trying to minimize our trials. I feel that God has signed us up for a trial that will last the rest of our lives concerning our daughter. But we should not be crushed by our challenges and adversity. Our hope is not here. Get thinking clearly. It does not matter if she is delayed. It does not matter if two year olds can do more than she can when she turns four. It does not matter if she has to live with us the rest of our lives. It does not matter that our life plan has been altered. It does not matter that we are poorer due to her needs. Get you minds ready for action! Think clearly! Living is not here. Our hope is not here. Our value is not here. If our hope was anywhere else, then we would be crushed. When our hope is on something else, then we are dismayed, perplexed, and crushed. How do we endure? Set your hope completely on God’s grace. How do we do that? By getting our minds straightened out. We need to place our focus on God and his grace. Get ready for the fight against Satan. Get ready for the trials and adversity that will come. Put your mind in the right place.

Be Self-disciplined

Second, we place our hope fully on the grace of God by exercising self-discipline and self-control. I am not sure that we know what that means anymore, but it is important if we are going to place our hope fully on God. I am going to control my desires. I am going to control my wants. Control yourself. Do not plunge yourself into the materialism of the world. Do not plunge yourself into the lusts of the world. Our problem today is that we want everything and we want it now. With our hope in this world we have tried to accumulate far beyond our means, trying to live above and beyond our paychecks. Now as it all comes crashing down, we are reminded that this world is not our home and we are commanded to exercise discipline and self-control. A lack of control and discipline in this world will bring us a tremendous amount of problem. Remember the words of Jesus: “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” (Matthew 6:20). This is exactly what Peter is teaching. Be self-disciplined and get your mind focused. If our value and treasure is in possessions or work or anything else in this world, then our hope will be on those things also.

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