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Placebo Religion (2)

Here’s a short list of some things that a placebo religion won’t provide for you. It won’t provide forgiveness without repentance, remission without baptism, hope without believing, care without commitment, grace without discipleship, salvation without the cross, love without sacrifice, fellowship without the church, or faith without works. You’ll find every one of these in the Bible along with a more complete list, but you have to dig the gold out of the ore.


You won’t find what you do not seek after. Do you suppose that salvation and eternal life is easy to be had? Can you lay your hands on such a prize by yourself alone without guidance or assistance? How will you begin? Do you know where the starting line is or the finish line? Where’s the instruction book?


How hard do you work for something you personally desire? Do you give it your full attention? Would you study for years to get a degree or to master a trade? Jesus asked, would you sell all you own to obtain the treasure buried on the plot next door?


If you love someone, would your risk everything for them? Would you wake from sleep, and do all that is within your power to protect them from creeping harm? Would they become your main focus? Would you climb a tower to rescue your child (any child)? Would you place their needs before your own? Would you live on beans and rice to see that they could live on steak?


Why is it then that we should think that our eternal reward can be obtained without diligently seeking after it and without full attention being given to obtaining it on our parts? “How shall we survive if we neglect such great salvation?” Well, how shall we?


Get rid of the placebos, no matter how well meaning, and read the word of God; seek out His will. It is the only medicine for what ails the spirit. It will save your soul.

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