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One Year With The NLT

I am going to make 2009 my year to read the scriptures with the NLT. This will really give me the opportunity I have wanted to get to know the NLT better. I have a one year reading plan and am ready to hit the ground running. I imagine that the various renderings I encounter will give me additional blog material. But I have been impressed overall with the NLT. I would like to do this same exercise with the TNIV but I don’t have a good readable Bible for the task. I would like a large print, single column text Bible without a bunch of reference interference. I like the TNIV Reference Bible I have now for its font size and single column layout. But the excessive reference markers really get in the way and clutter the text (not to mention that the bonded leather is really just cardboard painted black). Perhaps by the end of next year there will be more TNIV editions to pick from besides the current offerings.

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