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NLT Study Bible

I received my NLT Study Bible today in the mail from the publisher (my deep thanks to Laura Bartlett). I won it from the NLT Blog by posting a question. So the first thing I did was separate each page from each other because gilding causes the pages to stick together. I assume I am not the only person who does this as the first act with a new Bible (or maybe I just have a sickness). As I was turning each page, I was dismayed to see Jeremiah 27 (page 1256) half torn and crumpled up. I have no idea how a Bible comes out the box this way. Perhaps the machine that produced the page ate it? Anyone who knows me knows that seeing this page in this condition was tragic to me. I keep my leather Bibles stored in their original boxes to prevent damage happening to them as I transport them to the church building and home. I am meticulous about turning in my pages careful so that tears and rips do not happen. As I posted previously, I have a 17 year old genuine leather NKJV that is still in great condition. So to have a Bible arrive with one page torn and crumpled was heartbreaking. So I had to do some careful surgery with scotch tape to repair the page as best I could, at least making it readable again. Maybe over time the weight of the Bible will squish this page enough to at least get rid of some of the crumples.

Be that as it may, I look forward to examining the NLT Study Bible and posting my findings. I will briefly talk about size, layout, and the such in a future post. But I think of greater importance are the discussions and comments found in this study Bible. I will focus more on the writings of the scholars for the NLT Study Bible so that you all will be able to get a better idea if the NLT Study Bible is right for you.

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