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NLT Study Bible and the Book of Job

In reading Job 1-2 (as noted in my previous post), I thought I would see what comments the NLT Study Bible made about the book of Job. The book of Job is often misunderstood and misused when trying to answer the problem of suffering and the sovereignty of God. In my opinion, the NIV Study Bible makes a muddled mess in its introduction to the book of Job because it delves too deep into theology that is not really the ultimate point of the book. However, the NLT Study Bible concludes with these excellent thoughts:

The book of Job thus offers a complex picture of God. Rather than deciding that he does not have to prove anything to Satan, “God choose to get an open victory over Satan for his own glory.” God does not even explain his role to Job. Instead, God challenges Job’s right to question the integrity of divine justice (40:8)

The way to live through calamities is not just to keep a stiff upper lip but to bow reverently before God and trust his sovereign goodness. In the day of calamity, humans properly respond to God by worshiping him and blessing him for the wisdom and justice of his ways, regardless of how harsh the pain or dark the confusion. God’s holy purposes for human suffering are sometimes hidden. Yet in the end, Job draws closer to God through his suffering: “I had only heard about your before, but now I have seen you with my own eyes” (Job 42:5).

Simply well said. These two paragraphs encompass the important points of the book of Job that other writings miss. The book of Job does not explain suffering to us. The point is that we must trust God even when the reasons for our suffering go unexplained.

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