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Musings While I Don’t Feel Well…

I recall a time, not long ago when I was physically healthy as could be. I played recreational sports, worked 10-12 hour a day manual labor jobs and still had energy to go out after work.  All that ended abruptly 3 years ago with a sudden fall.  The damage done by that fall will never fully heal.  In fact my health may be deteriorating.  We really don’t realize how fragile the human body is.  Now I am lucky to cut my lawn without getting sick.  Simple things like doing laundry seem like climbing Mount Everest and washing a (small) car seems more like an aircraft carrier.  This sounds like I am complaining but I am not.

The fact is, before my fall, I was spiritually dead.  I thought I could do it all alone.  Having my physical strength taken from me made me realize how much I need spiritual strength.  Now with my health failing, I am stronger than ever because I have God in my life.  If I had to trade my physical health for my spiritual health, it’d be a no brainer.  I now have friends that are Christians that care about my well being.  Before I had people that I called friends who cared about their well being.  Now those “friends” are showing their true colors now that I am not interested in sharing their sinful lifestyle.

It is ironic to say that the best thing to ever happen to me has been and will be by far the most painful.  Some reading this may think I am complaining. Far from it, I am thanking God for showing me the painful truth. Now I have God in my life.  I have found true happiness. I could have died in that fall and went to hell but now I have a new chance. I have good days and bad days.  I may not be physically able to do what I used to do, but my mind is still capable and God has done a lot more with a lot less.  Anytime my thoughts dwell about how bad I feel, I think about how much worse Hell must be.

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