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Sometimes things have been given appropriate names. This is an example. Mariolatry is of course, the practice of worshiping Mary as the Mother of God. Right out of the chute, to any reader of the NT, that automatically identifies this as idolatry. I seem to remember that idolatry in any form is condemned in both the OT and NT.

Mary was in fact the earthly mother of God, as she gave birth to Jesus. But that does not mean she is or was the mother of God in any wider or greater sense, such as is taught through the doctrines surrounding this. Nor do the scriptures portray Mary as a perpetual virgin (whatever that may mean); and the NT specifically names some of her children through Joseph.

Not Mary herself, Jesus, and not God the Father, ever elevated her to the status of deity. She did not start life there and cannot be placed there otherwise. God did not ask or request a remembrance for her, any special station for her, or that prayer should be offered through her. She certainly did not ask those things for herself. Godless men have performed that deed. What a disservice they have done with all of that. It clearly oversteps the bounds of the scriptures and is a violation of the Word of God. That can only mean that every scrap of it is false teaching.

Mariolatry is a manufactured compound word and as you know from our posts here – idolatry comes in many forms and identifies specific things. As all forms of idolatry are condemned by God, you surely know that not one bit of this has the sanction of heaven. It is foremost rebellion toward God. So, Mariolatry, as noted, is sin and rebellion combined – one sin heaped upon another.

This is what was said by the angel Gabriel about Mary: And the angel came to her and said, “Greetings, you who are highly favored, the Lord is with you: you are blessed among women.” (Luke 1:27-29)

And this is what Miriam’s cousin Elizabeth said (Miriam is the Hebrew rendering): And she spoke with a loud voice, and said, “Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb.” (Luke 1:41-43)

Everything we know about Mary can be printed nicely on a single piece of paper with plenty of room left over. There is no other source beyond the Gospels and just a single mention in the Acts of Apostles. She was godly in character, as was her husband; and she was blessed by God and chosen to be the mother of the Christ on earth. The oft used and heralded phrase mother of God cannot be found in any Bible anywhere. Nor can any charge be found given to anyone at any time to worship either her or her likeness.

There was no camera and so there is neither graduation nor wedding photograph; no statues or paintings date anywhere near to when she lived; and there is no biography or autobiography. We only can know what God has given us and nothing else. The rest is pure fantasy and Satan stands behind every detail.

Therefore, it would be a sin to worship Mary or any likeness or idol dedicated to her. It would be a sin to call her the mother of God, to pray in her name or to ask for forgiveness of sins through her. Christ died that we might live: not Mary.

She stands unto eternity as having been blessed by God among women – what an honor for her.


For there is one God and one mediator between God and men: the man Christ Jesus.

(1 Timothy 2: 4)

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