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Learning to Walk (3)

I noted in the last installment that no healer today can do anything remotely like the miracle of healing the lame man in Acts 3. I have put these same thoughts out before in discussions of miracles and healings. This miracle was performed out in plain sight, about three in the afternoon, and moved in action from the entrance at the Beautiful Gate to the Temple grounds and into Solomon’s Court and around the colonnades. Hundreds of people were coming and going or were present when it happened and for the aftermath. None of them had any idea that something remarkable would take place that afternoon. Something they would never see again.

And without any fanfare Peter and John gave the healing gift of Christ to a man unknown to them personally, but one who was familiar to all who entered through that gate. There were no postings prior to the event in any paper or on billboards, there was no front man or announcement; and there was no indication that Peter spoke with a “theatre voice” when he told the man to get up. There is no indication whether anyone in front or behind even heard what was said. But everyone around, both those on those stairs and off into the portico, saw what happened. The evidence was out in the open, done in broad daylight, and all knew that a notable miracle had taken place. The band didn’t set up to play. No “holy water” was sold, no banners were waved, and no collection was taken. But word of this spread through the crowd like fire through dry grass. Soon the participants were surrounded by a wondering crowd.

Peter, John and the lame man were summarily detained by the leaders of the Jews. But that would not be the end of things.

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