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In Sickness and Health…Or When We Are Tired Of One Another

It seems no one understands what vows in marriage are in our current society. Clearly we are unable to keep any of the vows made to God toward our spouse. I know most people never really contemplate the words that they are repeating as the minister presides over the wedding service. We are just parroting the words back, not meaning for one moment that we are going to stay with the person, whom we have given a ring as a token of the vows said. We will stay with our spouse in health and wealth, and maybe a little sickness. But when the tough times come, it is time to find someone who can make me forget about those bad times. Never mind the fact that we closed the vows with the words, “till death do us part.” Shouldn’t we be saying, “till something better comes along.” Marriage has been turned into nothing more than a business venture between two partners. As long as the relationship is good for each partner, then the marriage will continue. But when one partner feels slighted in the relationship, it is time to dissolve the business venture and find another one. Marriage looks like Time Warner and AOL. Yep, they stuck it out for quite some time. But now it is time to split. It was a failure. Maybe another company can do better with AOL or maybe AOL will do better by itself. Not that I care about companies splitting. My point is that marriage is treated with no higher regard than two businesses working together. They will only stay together as long as it is profitable for both parties.

Of course, God does not approve of this low value we have placed on marriage. Vows should and must be made in marriage. Those words are not something you say to “get married.” Those words are more than promises or high ideals. A vow is even more than a commitment. A marriage is also more than a contract. Marriage is a covenant that is not to be broken (Matthew 19:6). When we break the marriage covenant and get a divorce, we have…

  • Lied to the one we married
  • Lied to all those in attendance at the wedding
  • Lied to God
  • Been unfaithful to God (Malachi 2)
  • Been treacherous toward the one we have divorced (Malachi 2)

Marriage is important to God and we need to keep our vows. If you are not going to keep your vows, live alone and stay celibate. God made marriage to be one man and one woman joined together for life.

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