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I Have Two Dreams (Single Column Bibles)

I want a nice genuine leather, single column reader text Bible of the NRSV and NLT. Please….

I have the NRSV Standard Bible. The layout is great. It is perfect, actually. Single column and easy to read size type. The layout is so smart that the Psalms are in double column because of the waste of space. But it only comes in a hardback, which I have. But worse, the pages are so, so, so thin. I mean, people complain about bleedthrough, and I think much of it is irrational and overcritical. But the NRSV Standard Bible has pages so thin that it really is difficult to read because the words on the other side the paper are obscuring the text being read. It really is unfortunate.

While I am wishing, can’t we get a nice, genuine leather NRSV without the Apocrypha that has a good typeset and is readable? I will take that, and not ask for the single column layout (as much as I do prefer it).

Why can’t the NLT produce a genuine leather single column Bible? I have the Life Application Bible for the NLT, which is the only readable single column NLT that I know. But I want a reader’s single column reference Bible of the NLT, one without all of the Life Application study notes interfering with a clean text. For all of the popularity of the NLT and the number of editions the NLT is producing, why not a single column reader’s text Bible? Please….

It seems that many publishers are finding that there is a large niche for the single column layout. TNIV Reference Bible, ESV Single Column Reference Bible, ESV Personal Size Reference Bible, and the HCSB Minister’s Bible are examples of recent of single column layout success. I love these, even though each are quite different. I just ordered the NASB Side Column Reference Bible in genuine leather so I could have the NASB in such a format.

Just give me a single column text that is readable (9-10 point font). Please….

Is there anyone else who is with me and loves the single column layout?

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