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I have buried my talent for far too long.

The Bible is full of stories about people given wonderful gifts. I don’t mean colorfully wrapped boxes to be opened on the morning of December 25th. I mean talents or abilities. When God gives someone an gift, whether it be spiritual or physical, he expects us to use it. There are countless occasions where someone with a talent was given a mission by God. What stands out to me far more than those with gifts is what happens when those gifts are ignored or forgotten. God often deals harshly with those who forsake him. Jonah and Moses are two that come to mind. Jonah was given the gift of prophecy. For disobeying God, Jonah got a 3 day vacation in Moby Dick’s lodge. I hear the room service was horrible. Moses led a bunch of whining crybabies through some of the harshest desert on Earth for 40 years and was denied spending even a day in the Holy Land because of one mistake. That comes to my point: God has given me the natural talent to write.  I have not been using this talent for a long time now.  I believe not using this God given talent for far too long has been a sin. I ask all of you who read this to pray for me improve my life in this way and that God be able use me to better to do his will.

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