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HCSB Hand Size Giant Print Bible Classic Edition

I received a nice surprise in the mail just the other day: a black leather HCSB Hand Size Giant Print Bible (HSGPB), Classic Edition. This comes because the CSB Pastor’s Challenge that I participated in had not been working for me. Thanks to Robin Patterson, the marketing manager at B&H Publishing, for taking care of this matter. She says that she has recently moved into the Bible department for Broadman and Holman. I do hope that B&H will consider getting a larger online presence for the HCSB, like Tyndale for the NLT and Crossway for the ESV have been able to accomplish. I think the HCSB has also taken many unfair knocks. But it is a good translation. In fact, I thought the HCSB was fabulous when I preached through the book of Ecclesiastes. I believe its use of the word “futility” is the best that I have seen of the major translations. “Vanity” and “meaningless” are just not as good, in my opinion.

I strongly recommend adding a HCSB to your library if you do not have one. If you like a smaller size Bible, HCSB HSGPB is well done. The leather is flexible and lays flat. Often personal and hand size Bibles have small fonts are are difficult to read. As much as I love my ESV Personal Size Reference Bible, it can be a pain on the eyes to read because of the small font. However, that problem is not the case with this. Amazingly, this has a 10 point type, which is great for such a small Bible. Even with the large font, this Bible is not much bigger than the ESV Personal Size Reference Bible. The HCSB HSGPB is 8.3 X 5.56 inches while the ESV Personal Size Reference is 7.25 x 5 inches. Of course, I wish the HCSB HSGPB was in single column paragraph form. It is formatted in double column, but it still is in paragraph form. It is also a red letter edition, which I do not like. But these are minor points of personal preference. The pages have a good opacity so that the bleed through is minimal. This is a very handy, yet readable Bible. I wish more publishers would produce something that was this small, yet so easy to read.

You can see this Bible here at Amazon.

I hope the 2009 revision of the HCSB will take care of the minor points of the translation that bother me.

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