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Hallowed Be Your Name (Matthew 6:9)

I am really surprised to see the number of updated and modern translation that kept the phrase, “hallowed be your name” in the Lord’s prayer (Matthew 6:9). The ESV keeps it, which is unfortunate, but not surprising since the ESV seems to maintain the traditional readings of the KJV/ASV/RSV stream. There have been some writings lately about the superiority of the TNIV when it comes to archaic renderings. However, even the TNIV keeps the archaic reading of “hallowed be your name.” If we had the time to waste, we could go through the TNIV and point out where words are not in a logical order and where archaic renderings are used. But what is the point in such efforts? Rather, let’s look at a few translations that had the boldness to break away from the traditional phrase, “hallowed be your name.”

HCSB: Your name be honored as holy.

NLT: may your name be kept holy.

NET: may your name be honored,

I really like the HCSB. I think that the word “holy” must be maintained to communicate properly the sense of what Jesus is teaching. I don’t think “honored” (NET) is enough. While it is a translation that no one seems to prefer, I think the HCSB comes out the winner in communicating the passage in an understandable and accurate way.

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