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Goodbye, Scott Peterson

There has been quite a bit of discussion in the news surrounding the verdict of Scott Peterson. Mr. Peterson was charged with first-degree murder for the death of Laci Peterson and second-degree murder for the death of the unborn child Connor whom Laci was pregnant with at her death. I imagine that most of America had a similar reaction at the news of Scott Petersons conviction: joy in justice. I was happy to hear that the jury had found him guilt and justice would be served for such a terrible crime. Everyone desires justice to be served against those who commit such horrible crimes. The details of the murder are too gruesome to repeat in this journal, but let us just say there is a reason why the death penalty is an option against Scott Peterson in his upcoming sentencing.

But I am perplexed. How is it that Scott Peterson is convicted of second-degree murder against the unborn child, Connor? If men and women are allowed every day to decide to have their pregnancies terminated through abortion, how can America condemn Scott Peterson of second-degree murder against their unborn child? Our country through the United States Supreme Court has decided that the unborn is only “a fetus” and is not a child and is not life. Is our definition of life only based upon a baby being wanted or unwanted? If the unborn is wanted, we call the unborn our baby, our child, and declare life in the womb. We listen to heartbeats, feel for movements, and take sonograms. If the unborn is unwanted however, we call the unborn a fetus and accept the death of the fetus through abortion as nothing more than human waste. Am I the only one perplexed in this matter?

Life cannot and must never be determined by whether the life is wanted or not. Scott Peterson did not want Laci Peterson alive. Does that mean she was not a human being and was worthy of his pro-choice decision to take her life? Just because life is unwanted does not negate the fact that the entity is still human and is alive. It is right and just for Scott Peterson to be convicted of second-degree murder because he killed innocent life. Two people died by the hand of Scott Peterson: Laci and Connor. Our justice system has correctly laid the guilt of two lives upon Scott Petersons head.

But our justice system has strayed by allowing unborn children to be killed simply because the baby was unwanted. If Scott Peterson has been convicted of murder against unborn Connor, is there really a difference in what is taking place on a daily basis across this country through abortion? In both cases a human is being killed. Defining life based upon if the life is wanted or not is not acceptable. Every murder occurs because someone does not want life to exist any longer. If Scott Peterson is a murderer, then so is every person who chooses to terminate their pregnancies. If those who choose to terminate their pregnancies are not murderers, then neither is Scott Peterson. So which way shall we have it?

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