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Good Math

Mark Zaveson sent the following in an e-mail:

I read these statistics in a TIME magazine article  and ran some quick calculations . . .

In the 2008 survey, 16% of Americans said they had no religious affiliations, but of that group, only 10% identified themselves as atheists and 15% as agnostics. Far from joining in religion-bashing, roughly 4 out of 10 current unaffiliated said that religion is at least somewhat important in their life. And many said they are still hoping to eventually find the right religious home. Among those who were raised Catholic or Protestant, the study says, “one-in-three say they just have not found the right religion yet. (Church-Shopping: Why Do Americans Change Faiths? by Amy Sullivan, Tuesday, Apr. 28, 2009)

If we assume 25% of 300 million Americans are under age 18, that leaves 225 million “adults.” According to the article 16% of that roughly 225 million, or 36 million, would say they “had no religious affiliation.”

If “4 out of 10 current unaffiliated” say “they are still hoping to eventually find the right religious home,” then 40% of 36 million Americans could be searching for the truth.

That means there are at least 14,400,000 Americans who are grade-A prime candidates to hear the gospel.


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