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More Gay Bishops

Episcopal Churches through the Los Angeles Diocese have once again proven that they possess less godly character than do Roman Catholics; and that they do not read or honor the Word of God at all. They have appointed another homosexual bishop – this time a woman. This displays that the ruling organization of this body has no link whatsoever to the Word of God. They are essentially a political and charitable organization, who seek after political and social agendas. Though I’m sure they will accept your check should you attend while out on the coast.

Such a decision makes a mockery of sensibility; and once again proves that politics trumps faith  and a plain reading of the Word of God. But then, they never have been associated with the truth or with the Word of God. They are Catholics without Popes, and disciples without a guide or savior.

There is nothing godly, good, or reasonable about homosexuality and homosexual behavior, no matter how you dress it up.

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