Most of you may know that the New Testament lists only people as “Christian.” By that I mean that you do not read about buildings or other things being called Christian. There were no Christian churches -there was only the church of Christ. And there were no Christian lectureships, Christian polls, Christian missionary societies, Christian newspapers etc. etc.

That leads me to comment upon the name of this effort: Christian Monthly Standard. As Christians ourselves, the four continuing principals on this effort recognize that the name we chose is bogus. There can be no Christian monthly standard. The only standard we have as Christians is the word of God. We know that.

We chose the name at my suggestion because it was available as a domain name, and to publish on the internet you have to own license to a registered recognizable name. That is how it was chosen. We had tried several others without success before we located this one. So, we are rather like Naaman, after he had come to know the power of the Lord of Hosts, getting ready to enter the temple of Rimmon. We know, and we hope that you know, that the only reason the name exists and was chosen was so any readers might have a place to navigate to and to continue to recognize. So far so good.

There is no motive beyond that; and so, it is what it is out of necessity.

With that we have now (January 2012) reached six full years of entering articles and offering lessons and opinions on everything from French toast and dead popes, to marriage laws and baptism, and we hope that you have found some of this interesting or thought provoking. Since then we have altered the posts from long essays and articles and into shorter posts and web logs. And we have had very good responses to those changes. So, we are thankful for your continuing interest in the site.

It is certain that in time other changes will occur. Webmaster Joe Botha has redesigned the site twice now. And as Brent says, “this is a labor of love” as all of us have full time considerations in work and family, which sometimes makes it hard to be on the ready with something new and readable. But, with all of that, we hope you still will find some use in what you find here, and that it enhances or peaks your interest in studying the Word of God.

We are completely humbled by your interest in things eternal; and we are so blessed to be a part of this effort. Thank you for your continued support. Thank you for your comments and requests. We hope to be able to continue to offer Godly commentary and insights into the Word of God and about the things we see around us – both worldly and religious. In all we thank God for this opportunity and any success it may have. May God and the Lord Jesus, the Christ be praised in all things.

Richard Vandagriff – for Brent Kercheville, Mark Zaveson and Joe Botha