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From Eusebius

“And when the wonderful resurrection of our Savior were already noised abroad, in accordance with an ancient custom which prevailed among the rulers of the provinces, of reporting to the emperor the novel occurrences which took place in them, in order that nothing might escape him, Pontius Pilate informed Tiberius of the reports which were noised abroad through all Palestine concerning the resurrection of our Savior Jesus from the dead. He gave an account also of other wonders which he had learned of him, and how, after his death, having risen from the dead, he was now believed by many to be God. They say that Tiberias referred the matter to the Senate, but that they rejected it, ostensibly because they had not first examined into the matter (for an ancient law prevailed that no one should be made a god by the Romans except by vote and decree of the Senate), but in reality because the saving teaching of the divine gospel did not need the confirmation and recommendation of man.”

This is the first part of the record by Eusebius of Pilate’s report to Tiberius concerning Christ, as found in his Church History. Eusebius wrote as a patron of the Emperor Constantine in the early fourth century. I’ll post the remainder of this historical document tomorrow. This is just another of the numerous references to Christ and the early Christians; and as I have stated previously – there are many, many others.

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