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Doing Nothing

Paul had said to Titus that he should “Speak these things,” that is, those things that are fitting to sound teaching – (to) “exhort, and rebuke with all authority. (And) let no one despise you.” (Titus 1: 7, 8)

Here’s a question for you as you ponder that. Why friends, would anyone ever seek out God if no distinction could ever be drawn between the effects of God’s word when it is compared to the effects of the ways of the world?

If all it means to be a Christian is to get wet (if even that), or to wait for the Holy Spirit to overtake you and remove your bad brain to replace it with a good and godly refurbished one; to make a hollow pledge and to march onward in life with no turning of purpose and no change in direction — of what value is any of that?

If God’s word is not living and lived, what the apostle called lively and quick —if you cannot see the distinction it draws in the lives of men and women of what possible value is it to you, to me, or to anyone else?

Yet many who “come to Christ” draw no distinction in their own lives. Nothing changes; it’s simply just another day. We’re rather like the character in the movie Oh, Brother Where Art Thou who upon being baptized jumped up and said, “Well, that’s it boys, I’m saved.” But there would be no evidence of any change.

On one day if the emotion of the moment seizes them, some folks may stop long enough to say aloud that they accept Christ, they may offer a prayer without so much as a plea; but then without a moment’s thought or the casting of an eye, they then continue on in the same rutted path just as they always had.

What then has Christ wrought in such a life? And what would be the point of accepting Christ as your “personal savior” in this way (as most of the world has come to understand putting on Christ)? What is the point in all of that?

I’d rather go fishing.

Again, if God’s word is not both quick and lively of what value is it to us or to God?

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